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Microbiome Labs

Microbiome Labs feels passionately about bringing relief in any and every way possible. They are constantly performing clinical trials to better understand their products and exactly how they work. The science will always be more important to them than the easy marketing provided by guess work. It might sound nice, but if it’s not true, all you’re left with is an empty promise. Microbiome Labs seeks to empower individuals to take back their health and understand what their body needs. You will find that their product descriptions are packed with valuable information on exactly how they work and how you can benefit from them.

Focused on Fixing Your Gut!

Microbiome Labs focuses on fixing your gut! This is quite literally the core of everything in the body. Too often, we try to solve the symptoms, but neglect taking a closer look at the core issue. The cofounders of Microbiome Labs have been working in functional medicine and the supplement industry for many years. Through their time in the industry they began to feel that there was a gaping void in the world of supplements. For Kiran Krishnan this was the lack of proper research and clinical trials. Too many companies skip the step of figuring out if the final product they create lives up to the theories that prompted them to make it in the first place. Probiotics was a hot spot for Tom Bayne who had seen a lack of consistency in the functionality of probiotics with his patients. 

Spores & Gut Health

A deep dive into research suggested the use of spores to help restore the gut. A spore is created when bacteria is in an environment it finds uninhabitable. A protein coat is created to protect the bacteria. Using spores to bring good bacteria into the gut will help ensure that the bacteria actually makes it all the way to where it is supposed to, and doesn’t get thrown out by your body on its way there. Krishnan and Bayne ran with this and created MegaSporeBiotic to fill this void they had seen in the industry. As they tested this product, and had their patients try it, they saw a huge change not only in gut health but also with mental health, hunger cues, etc. More and more research has ensued to create perfect combinations of bacteria strains to battle a number of common issues, all centered around leaky gut.