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Diamond Herpanacine

Diamond Herpanacine of PA is a family-run company that focuses on the natural formulas of Dr. Wayne Diamond: naturopath, psychotherapist, and revolutionary in the natural products and alternative formula market. Diamond Herpanacine has been the winner of the Best of Natural Beauty award, given by the company, “Better Nutrition,” for three years in a row. They have also been recipients of the Best of Supplements award. They put more of their revenue into developing and improving their products rather than spending it in advertising and marketing. This is a company that puts their customers’ satisfaction and the overall quality of their products first.

Skin Support

By using eleven unique ingredients, the Herpanacine Skin Support formula gives a skin boost to those who deal with skin conditions such as acne, cold sores, rosacea, boils, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, and/or hives. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and support is necessary and in some cases, required. Addressing outside factors like diet and exercise are not enough in some cases, and Herpanacine Skin Support has the ingredients to make an impact. With ingredients like L-Lysine and echinacea, this formula provides a natural way to optimize your health from the inside out.

Clear Thinking & Positive Well-being

Cognitive acuity and sharpness is more than just being the smartest person in the room. It is about the ways in which you think about yourself, the world around you, and the choices you have made and have yet to make. Mental strength can be the deciding factor in success in school, the workplace, and in day-to-day life. The Diamond MIND formula incorporates many natural and herbal ingredients to promote clear thinking and positive well-being. By utilizing ingredients like natural caffeine and Ginkgo leaf extract, to name a few, this formula offers an alternative way to approach mental health and emotional wellbeing without the interference of traditional pharmaceutical formulas.