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Supreme Nutrition

Supreme Nutrition stands out in the field of vitamins and supplements due to the simplicity of their products. Most of their line is composed of capsules which only contain one ingredient. The simplicity of the composition allows for the company to perfect the testing process in which the quality of the sources providing the raw ingredients they are selling to their consumers is examined.

History Behind Supreme Nutrition

The company was founded in 2006 by Michael Lebowitz D.C. after he saw the treatment of infection and bacteria becoming increasingly difficult. What they were doing to treat these cases in patients was not working, and Lebowitz wanted to find a solution. Through various traveling experiences, he had shortly after making this realization, the search for a reliable location to encapsulate the solution began. Not allowing his standards to drop, he finally found one and the company began sourcing ingredients and manufacturing Morinda Supreme.

Tested and Research-Backed

Each of their supplements goes through a process which it is put through the testing of doctors practicing applied kinesiology. When creating new formulations, the principles behind the science of applied kinesiology is always kept in mind in order to meet the needs of their major target audience. This company is always in search of feedback on their current products and well as suggestions for potential products.

Many supplements have been suggested by applied kinesiology doctors have come to fruition after undergoing an intense inspection and investigation process to find only the best ingredients. Due to this openness to continually research and find new products to help their patients, the Supreme Nutrition has grown to over 30 different products.

GMP Certified Manufacturing

In addition to having simple composition in their products, Supreme Nutrition ensures that these are manufactured in locations which maintain cleanliness and consistency. Each of these locations is GMP certified. These plants also have sections dedicated to readily testing the quality of the ingredients throughout the manufacturing process.