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Douglas Laboratories was established over 60 years ago. The professional supplement industry was smaller and less recognized.  Because of his early start, Sam Lioon is known as an industry pioneer. He recognized that science supports the use of nutrients to increase the quality and length of human life. He founded Douglas Laboratories to support healthcare practitioners and their patients. From the beginning Douglas Laboratories has designed formulas based on solid science and top quality ingredients.

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From the time of inception in 1955 Douglas Laboratories has held the vision of healthy aging for all Americans. They not only want to increase lifespan, they want to increase the health-span of individuals’ lives. In keeping with that goal, they created Growing Together Committee. This committee leads humanitarian and service initiatives for involving the entire Douglas Laboratory team. Their work includes SOS Children’s Villages, reducing the company’s carbon footprint, and supporting sustainable business practices and sourcing.  

They have always relied on scientific data to guide their formulations. Their primary focus is on understanding the relationship between nutrition and healthy aging. Their medical advisory board continues to stay abreast of new and pertinent medical studies. Because of their knowledge and studies, all of Douglas Laboratories products are formulated with therapeutic doses and ingredients. As a company, they devote time and resources to training practitioners on protocols and individual formulations.  

They boast one of the most extensive nutritional supplement lines across the globe as well as being one of the oldest professional supplement companies.

Douglas Laboratories joins with prestigious academic partners to study their own formulations in clinical trials. This ensures that their formulas and ingredients are scientifically and clinically reliable. This translates to products that are efficacious and produce positive outcomes for practitioners and patients.  

They manufacturer their own products and adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and are National Safety Foundation (NSF) certified. Although Douglas Laboratories was founded in America it is now an international company with locations across North and South Americas, Asia, Europe and Australia.

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