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Immune Tree

Immune tree is currently producing the only 6 hour colostrum on the market. This was certified by a professor at Cornell University, Dr. Don Lein. He stresses that the difference between any synthetic product and natural product is significant. This should be kept in mind when deciding what to consume. Immune Tree produces a product which is natural and therefore superior for most people. All of the products produced by this company are GMO free, tested as organic, and gluten free. Due to this being the case, more people are able to benefit from the power of taking a colostrum powder daily. Another item to keep in mind is that this colostrum is only taken from the mothers of the calves after they receive the 2 quarts in order to assure their long term health.

High-Quality Colostrum Product Line

There is a vast line of products which target all types of lifestyles. Products range from shakes which help you lose weight and another which help you gain the lean muscle some may want. These lines are there to assist and provide all with the option to maximize their human potential. Each of their products has been tested for quality by a third party in order to maintain integrity throughout the production process.

Trusted Supplements That Work

There are plenty of positive testimonials that are found all over their website raving about increased energy levels and decreased general pain. You are also able to find a blog which speaks to many different topics surrounding the use of their products and general health tips which are useful to many people. Their products have been featured in the Healthy Living magazine, and several different tv networks. In general, these products are there to support a healthy digestive system and work to produce a balanced intestinal environment. By taking this product, the immune system is more functional, allowing for your body to function under any circumstance.