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Deep Blue Health

Deep Blue Health is a Natural Health Supplement Company that was established in 2004 in New Zealand. New Zealand is known for its clean and natural beauty, and the founders of Deep Blue Health decided to dive deep into nature and find the secrets buried within. Deep Blue Health believes that throughout all of the beauty of the Earth, there are many natural phenomena that can provide healing to the human body. This brand desires to expand the realm of natural medicine; creating pure, potent, and traceable products. 

High-Quality Ingredients

Deep Blue Health uses eco-friendly sourcing in their gathering of raw ingredients. These sourcing practices are regulated closely. The products produced by Deep Blue Health are a combination of these natural ingredients and top-notch science. This powerful combination is created to bring you and your body the support it deserves. Constantly innovating, the brand even encourages customers to send in suggestions for new products to expand their product line. Deep Blue Health believes in providing top-quality products to move towards the goal of optimum health and functioning. 

Deep Blue Health - Green Lipped Mussel

One of their most popular products is Green Lipped Mussel, a natural joint health remedy. The Green Lipped Mussel is unique to New Zealand and is rich in nutrients. Green Lipped Mussel helps to reduce inflammation, repair and rebuild cartilage that has been damaged, and speeds up the healing of ligaments and tendons. Essentially, Deep Blue Health’s Green Lipped Mussel supplement provides extensive joint pain relief without the long-term side effects that may come with arthritic drugs. This product is advertised as being for individuals currently struggling with joint pain, as well as those hoping to maintain joint health. With aging comes a natural wearing down of joints and cartilage. Green Lipped Mussel is able to support the rebuilding process needed after the natural wear and tear that comes with living a full life!