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Ortho Molecular

Ortho Molecular has partnered with healthcare professionals for over 25 years. They share the same ultimate goal as their partner healthcare professionals: to improve the health of their patients. They are dedicated to formulating efficacious nutritional supplements to address complex symptoms. The suite of nutritional formulations addresses a variety of conditions spanning all of the bodily systems.  

Ortho Molecular is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality beginning with the formulation and ending with manufacturing.

Ortho Molecular indicates its values through its high standards in formulation and manufacturing. All Ortho Molecular formulations are based on scientific evidence. When formulating, their focus lies on human-based clinical evidence, with peer review and published data at the forefront of consideration. They consult past standard-of-care literature as well as traditional healing wisdom. Additionally, they seek clinical data and the observations collected by trusted healthcare practitioners.  

Their dedication to quality is evident in the selection of formulation, ingredients, and raw materials.

High-Quality Ingredients

Many nutritional manufacturers look to price as the primary consideration when sourcing raw ingredient materials. However, Ortho Molecular evaluates quality, purity, and efficacy as the primary standard for raw ingredient choice.  

Instead of price, they ask the questions: Is the ingredient the same as utilized in a clinical study? From which country is the material sourced? Is the raw material in a bioavailable form? Has it been safety tested?

This standard is rarely experienced in the professional nutritional supplement industry. The formulations consistently offer bioavailable and the most beneficial form of any given nutrient.

Even when quality ingredients are used, other manufacturers may compromise their standards with small doses. Lower doses will not provide the therapeutic outcomes observed in clinical studies. Ortho Molecular formulations consistently employ science-based doses to assure positive patient outcomes. They resist the common industry practice of marketing an inferior product. Ortho Molecular differentiates their formulations by providing effective doses and superior raw ingredients.

Quality Control and Support

Ortho Molecular closely monitors all aspects of production in order to ensure finished supplements meet their quality and efficacy standards.   

As a partner to healthcare practitioners, Ortho Molecular offers unsurpassed support and technical service. They strive for all formulations to be in stock and available at all times. Their medical board is a leader in providing outcome-driven protocols that are current with cutting edge science and studies.