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Herb Pharm

Herb Pharm was founded in 1979 by Sara Kats and Ed Smith, a young couple looking to live more in sync with nature. Determined to live a more natural lifestyle, they picked up and moved to rural southern Oregon. Their first herb garden was planted here, and the Herb Pharm company was born. Herb Pharm has been Certified Organic for over 4 decades, and they’re committed to healthy and sustainable environmental practices. Their work in these areas has allowed Herb Pharm to become a part of the United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary which is a great honor. Herb Pharm handles each herb with individualized care. They understand that one size doesn’t fit all, some herbs are better dried, others need more leaves than stems, etc. They also take time to make sure that each herb is harvested at prime time, when the plant has the most to offer rather than rushing simply to meet demand. These commitments extend beyond Herb Pharm’s own farms. If herbs are brought in, they must be ethically sourced, and harvested with the same level of excellence and care for the environment or Herb Pharm will not engage in business. 

The Power In Herbs

Sara Kats and Ed Smith had a fascination with the world around them, they saw power in herbs and decided to learn more about their medicinal potential. Rather than mindlessly mixing plants and hoping for the best, they dug into research and experiential learning. They learned from professionals in the world of herbs and traveled around the herbs to build their wealth of knowledge. As their passion continued, they decided to push into the business realm so that these powerful formulas could reach a broader audience. That being said, the hustle and bustle of business has not compromised the product quality. Herb Pharm continues to provide excellent products and gives back to the Earth that so graciously provides the tools. They happily educate others along the way, because when it comes to health and nature, there’s no benefit to gatekeeping! Sara and Ed continue to sit on the board of Herb Pharm, helping guide the amazing legacy they created.