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Based out of California, the Optimox Corporation provides customers with products that are able to supplement the body’s need for an essential element: Iodine. They produce 7 different products that are available to the market. The essential element of Iodine is essential to the body for proper production of thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland. Their research is based on research that has been occurring for about the last 80 years, using data from 70 years previous to that. In the early 1900s a very popular supplement taken by women was called Lugol. This was almost entirely comprised of the element of Iodine. The average amount taken daily by women who were consuming this product was around 12.5 mg per day. This is the foundation for the serving size set forth by the Optimox corporation.


The need for Iodine to be taken as a supplement in these modern days is due to its removal as a common ingredient in bread. In the last 50 years, Iodine has been replaced by Bromine as that ingredient and therefore, generally, the population does not receive an optimal amount of this essential element. Another great example of Iodine being taken on a daily basis is the consumption by Japanese women on a daily basis. They take an average of 13.8 mg daily, which is very close to the average consumed in the US for the past 150 years from the common product Lugol. This helped to determine what the dosage size should be for the Optimox iodoral.


After World War II, a list of essential elements for the human body was formed and Iodine was classified as one of these items. From this, brief studies were conducted to determine that one should consume 0.1 mg/kg body weight/day of Iodine in order for optimal function of the thyroid glands. To follow this, studies of the optimal amount of Iodine for the function of the entire body has never been fully studied and this amount is currently unknown. The Optimox iodoral capsules are produced with Iodine as a potassium salt, in order to prevent gastric irritation. There is a great deal of suggested use information listed on their website that advises one to consult with a healthcare professional regarding specific dosing of Iodine for individual cases.