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Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals is a company which produces award-winning Omega-3 products. More importantly, they are a company which values the quality of the product they are delivering to their consumers. This company was founded by a man from Arctic Norway, Joar Opheim. When he came to the United States in the mid-1980s to attend University, he found that there were not any quality fish oils available to purchase. This demand prompted him to start his own company in order to provide this product to the states. Since 1995, the year of Nordic Naturals’ foundation, the business has been family owned and has grown into a worldwide supplier of fish oils. They currently sell their products in 35 countries.

Omega-3 Products Tested & Tasty

Their main goal is to provide generations of healthier, happier people throughout the world. In order to accomplish this, they have employed experts who have formulated, tested, and proven the products they currently sell. Their line of products is great tasting and therefore the entire family can enjoy the benefits found in the daily consumption of fish oils. Joar, the owner of the company has stated that when he was growing up he did not know a family which did not consume the vital nutrients found in fish oils on a daily basis.

Environmentally Conscious Reputation

In order to maintain their phenomenal reputation throughout the industry, Nordic Naturals strives to be truthful and authentic in all aspects of their business. They are environmentally conscious, they maintain corporate transparency, partnerships in the community and throughout the vitamin and supplement industry are a priority to them, and finally they work to educate all about the benefits of consuming fish oils and the importance to their overall health. Their products are known to be first and foremost safe for the consumers, they also are efficient and consistently potent.

High Quality & Family-Friendly Products

The line that Nordic Naturals is able to offer is vast, they produce over 150 products. This also adds to the idea that their business goal is family friendly, and with the wide array of products, there are many options for the consumption of these oils. In the production process, quality is maintained through standards that have been set. In order to accomplish this goal, the sourcing of the raw ingredients is of the utmost importance. They treat the land, animals, and people with respect in all aspects of their business.