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BioSyntrx is a company which specializes in the health of your eyes and body. Each of their eye and body health supplements provides nutrients which target these areas. After being in business for over twelve years, they have supported their research with science-based and peer-reviewed research and implementations. Eyes are specifically considered in the formulation process because this company believes that eyes provide early signs of degeneration throughout the entire body. Due to this, those at BioSyntrx believe that nutrients which are good for the eyes are also good for the entire body. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is a priority to BioSyntrx.

History Behind The Products

One of their products, BioTears, was designed by a women-led research team in the late 1990’s. They wanted to provide a product which assists the eyes with the production of surface moisture. Overall, this product claims to assist and support dry eyes. Customers have been claiming to be very satisfied with the results they see from taking BioTears.

High Quality Standards

In the manufacturing process of their product line, Good Manufacturing Procedures are followed and implemented throughout. These warehouses and research areas are state of the art and uphold guidelines set forth by the Food and Drug Association. BioSyntrx wants to provide a clean and safe working environment for its employees as well as the clean and safe production process for their products. There are several quality assurance checkpoints throughout this process. This process measures the uniform dispersion, capsule weights, and the efficiency of the mixing process.

Specialized Company & Product Line

One thing that sets this company apart from others in the industry is the fact they have a smaller product line. By having such a small product line, they are able to specialize in the specific needs of their customers. All of the ingredients which go into the manufacturing of their line of products is either non-GMO or they comply with EU regulations for non-GMO labeling.