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Emuaid is a successful remedy of many conditions being manufactured by Speer Laboratories out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This company believes in a holistic approach to the wellness of all. They value their loyal customers and always put them as their first and foremost priority in their business. All of these as a result of being a family run business. This company stands out in the industry due to their sponsored programs which work toward finding new and innovative solutions to pain treatment and management for a vast array of ailments.




Founded by Richard Nicolo

Originally, Emuaid was created by Richard Nicolo in order to treat burn victims. Using a transdermal delivery system, he found great success with this method and devoted more research to this products, leading to the discovery of its many other uses. Today it can be used to treat shingles, eczema, fungal infections, along with many other situations.

FDA Registered & Researched

In order to maintain their good name and keep their valued customers at the front of their mind, they produce all of their products in an FDA registered homeopathic drug facility. This allows for them to guarantee a certain quality to those who are choosing to use their products. Emuaid prides themselves on producing a product which is safe for all ages of people. It provides relief as an antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial solution to many skin conditions. This company is actively working to continue research in order to find new and innovative solutions for their patients. They are able to do this by working with chemists, doctors, and other healthcare professionals from all over the world. This allows them to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Emuaid's Charity Work

In addition to being a company which produces a great and successful product, they do a lot in the way of charities. They have a foundation entitled, EMUAID CARES which raises money for causes such as Operations Smile, Charity: Water, and the “I Have a Dream” Foundation. By doing this they are giving back to the community to continually make the lives of those around them better and better. You are able to read more about these efforts, as well as some medical advice and tips on their blog which is found in conjunction with their website. All of these resources are available to the improve the lives of those who chose to purchase their product.