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GLC Direct

GLC Direct provides unique support for the beloved animals in your life. Healthy Habits Living offers GLC Direct products with a focus on horses and dogs. Joint health and support is a hot topic in the supplement world but the conversations tend to be focused on humans. Animals need this support too! GLC Direct saw this need and stepped in with products that can be both helpful and healthy for your animal. 

Only The Best For Your Animal

GLC Direct understands only wanting the best for your animal. This is one of the reasons they crack down so hard on the purity of the ingredients in their products. GLC Direct is also committed to transparency in their labeling. GLC Direct works with the National Animal Supplement Council, participates in the NPA Truth in Labeling Program and is also a member of the Natural Products Association. This involvement further illustrates the brand’s desire to bring you high quality supplements that are safe for your beloved animal. Research and science are a backbone of GLC Direct, clinical studies are performed to ensure real results are happening and that these products are safe to use. Scientific study is what helps GLC Direct push the envelope and continue to change the lives of our Equine and Canine friends. 

Only Honest Feedback, Great Products!

A fun and unique fact about GLC Direct is that they do not pay for sponsors and/or reviews. They want honest feedback so that they can continue to improve their products. Customer reviews for GLC Direct point to success in using these products often stating that owners felt like their animals were being brought back to life. GLC Direct offers both reparative and maintenance options with their supplements. Highly active animals are susceptible to injuries as well as just natural wear and tear. Take a chance on GLC Direct and see how your animal’s life improves.