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5 Reasons Eating Protein Will Make Your Mother Proud

May 18, 2016

5 Reasons Eating Protein Will Make Your Mother Proud

Well, did you eat any protein?

When I was an adolescent, I would often whine to my mother saying something like: "I'm hungry and I feel like I am dying." And sometimes, to my bewilderment, I would eat something, and still be hungry. I would report this to my mom, and she always had the same answer: "Well, did you eat any protein?"

What she was trying to teach me is an important lesson about nutrition. You can't eat a diet of carbohydrates and expect to feel full. That just isn't how our bodies work and it certainly isn't how carbohydrates are metabolized.  

I was a sugar-loving adolescent, teenager, and young adult. My daily lunch in high school was a bottle of Snapple, a Snickers bar, and a bag of Ruffles. I cringe to even think about calculating the amount of carbohydrates and sugar in that terrible trio. I was bouncing around from one sugar spike to another, with visits to the valley of low blood sugar in between. This kind of eating---based on carbohydrates---is very inefficient, and leads to inflammatory disease like arthritis, IBS, and cancer.  

Not all protein is created equal

So what about protein? Protein is an important foundation of a healthy diet. Protein contains amino acids which create your neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) and your muscle tissues.  

But not all protein is created equal. Protein from a factory-farmed cow is not a good source of protein. Processed soy protein or soy based foods are not good protein sources either. Whey protein from cow's milk can either be very healthy or laden with antibiotics and pesticides.  

So how do you choose good protein sources? There is an easy rule of thumb: choose quality over quantity.

Quality vs Quantity

Always choose organic animal proteins. That means paying a little bit more for your meat. But the quality of an organic animal protein is far superior to a factory farmed animal that has been fed antibiotics, hormones, and genetically-modified grains.

Digesting proteins can be difficult for some people. I often have clients who tell me that red meat doesn't agree with their stomachs. That means their stomachs are not producing enough digestive secretions to break down the complex protein molecules. I also have clients who have so much inflammation in their digestive tract that they can't seem to digest anything.  

That is where bone broth and collagen peptides come to the rescue. Both bone broth and collagen peptide powder are highly absorbable proteins. They are literally pre-digested so that your stomach and small intestines don't have to do as much work.  

How to make your mother proud: 5 reasons to eat quality protein

So how do you make your mother proud? Eat your protein, of course; and better yet eat the most absorbable and highest quality protein on the planet---collagen peptides.

Here are my top 5 reasons that your mother will be so proud:

1. Collagen peptides will help your joints stay mobile and reduce joint pain. One study showed that it actually reversed the cartilage damage from Osteoarthritis. This stuff is that good. In fact, maybe your mother could use some of this for her aches and pains.  

2. Collagen peptides are the raw materials for making skin and hair. Start using collagen and your mother will be so proud of that luxurious glow that she won't be able to stop bragging about you and maybe she will start using it for her wrinkles too.

3. Your mother will be so proud if you can just stop biting your fingernails. Collagen strengthens fingernails making it less likely that you can bite them. Start taking your collagen and by the time you see your mom, your nails will be in glorious shape. 

4. Your mother isn't so proud of your days of partying and eating poorly. We both know it is time for a detox. Collagen peptides are full of glycine which is necessary for proper liver detox.  

5. Collagen peptides also help improve muscle tone and energy. Your mother will be so proud to see you lean, toned, and healthy.  


There you have it! Now go forth and make your mother proud; eat that protein and do it right! If you don't know how to use or eat collagen peptides, check out my blog and be sure to download the FREE recipe book. 





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