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Apricot Power

Apricot Power’s mission is to make B17 convenient and available for all. B17, also known as amygdalin, can be found in some nuts, plants, and fruit seeds. One of the more potent sources, however, can be found in apricot seeds. The benefits that B17 possesses include support for digestion, inflammation reduction, vision health, immune system, and skin health. Unfortunately, through food manufacturing and industrialization, B17 has been removed from a lot of the foods we consume. The incorporation of apricot seeds in the diet has been seen in many cultures around the world. The people of the Hunza Valley in Northern Pakistan, for example, cultivate apricot seeds as a part of their diet culture. Apricots and apricot seeds are considered a major food group and provide a great source of B17 to the community as a whole. Apricot Power’s goal of widespread B17 accessibility is based on these health benefits. 

Apricot Seeds are "Superseeds"

Apricot seeds are known as a “superseed.” A superseed is full of benefits for your health. Some of these include Vitamin E, protein, and B17. The whole apricot, when consumed fresh or dried, is packed with nutrients and can be sweet and tasty. The apricots used by Apricot Power come from farms that do not use herbicides and pesticides. These fruits are grown naturally. The health benefits of apricot seeds come from the vitamins they possess. Because our bodies do not produce certain vitamins, like B17, naturally, we need to consume products that have B17 to help our bodies. 

Amygdalin and its Bitter Taste

After the fruit develops, samples are tested in a laboratory for the amount of amygdalin. The average amount found in Apricot Power samples is approximately 20mg. In addition to the B17 found in the seeds, B15 is also present. Each seed also contains 14-35% proteins and 5-6% fiber. The protein helps our bodies build/repair tissues, perform bodily functions, and makes up enzymes that help our body function properly internally. Fatty acids are also in apricot seeds. Fatty acids have important roles in the energy our body utilizes. Fatty acids store energy and are a strong source of structure for our body. Although the naturally bitter taste of the seed can be strong for most, the more bitter a seed is, the more B17 the individual seed contains.

The products that Apricot Power produces are often mixed with healthy superfoods for their consumers convenience and pleasure. Since Apricot Power’s goal is to get B17 to everyone, they strive to make it accessible and available to all.

How Do You Determine the Right Amount of Apricot Seeds to Consume?

When it comes to consuming the seeds on an individual basis, it is required that you make the decision as to the correct quantity for yourself. It is recommended that you approach eating Apricot Power’s apricot seeds with a build-up process. Moderation is key, according to Apricot Power. Apricot Power recommends after consuming one seed, gauge yourself and see how your body reacts within one hour. The common amount of consumption is 6 to 10 seeds taken throughout one day. Slowly increasing the number of seeds taken until you've reached an ideal limit for you and your system. If you’re unsure, we have product consultations available for purchase with our nutritionist. 

If you are not interested in the bitter taste of apricot seeds, Apricot Power also has capsules available for purchase that are convenient and make dosages easier to determine. Each capsule has 2.5 bitter raw apricot seeds ground up and placed in the capsule. This equates to up to 50mg of B17 per capsule. The perk of the vegetable capsule is that the smell and flavor are masked. Because each capsule has a determined amount of B17/amygdalin from apricot seeds, you can better manage your consumption of the vitamin.