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The Enzyme for Circulation

February 10, 2015

Boluoke® (Lumbrokinase)

Boluoke is a strange sounding and looking word.  Boluoke is the name of the clinically studied lumbrokinase enzyme supplement made by Canada RNA.  You might think that you can just go to the vitamin store, pick up a lumbrokinase enzyme supplement and you will be getting the same benefits as taking Boluoke.  Unfortunately, you would be incorrect. Boluoke is a highly concentrated and medically studied lumbrokinase extract. It is the only medically studied earthworm supplement.  Like many of the products I recommend, Boluoke is superior to all the competing lumbrokinase enzyme supplements that are available.   

Canada RNA manufactures a 90 count and 120 count bottle of Boluoke lumbrokinase supplements.  The 120 count bottle is useful because most recommendations include a titration dosage.

What is Lumbrokinase?

Lumbrokinase is an enzyme also known as a fibrinolytic or proteolytic enzyme. It is often compared to other proteolytic enzymes serrapeptase and nattokinase.  However, neither nattokinase nor serrapeptase has been studied as rigorously as lumbrokinase. All three are considered, fibrinolytic enzymes which dissolve fibrin, the protein in your blood that creates clots; clots can be thought of as an internal scab.  Generally a clot, just like an external scab, it trying to healing something. All three enzymes will dissolve fibrin, but Bolouke lumbrokinase has proven to work faster and more effeciently.  

The history of Boluoke?

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have been making tea from earthworms for centuries.  The newer version of this treatment is a tea made from powdered earthworm extract.

Until the 1980s, scientists had not yet determined which part of the earthworm (Lumbricus rubellus) extract was helpful for circulation so the entire earthworm extract was used as a treatment.

Then in 1980, Dr. Hisashi Mihara and his team successfully isolated the proteolytic enzymes in earthworm powder. They discovered that the enzyme lumbrokinase was actually a few proteolytic sub-enzymes that are now collectively called lumbrokinase.  

Boluoke is not a bulk powder derived from earthworms.  It is the purified lumbrokinase enzyme extract from earthworms.  Boluoke is the only lumbrokinase that contains only pure enzyme. All other lumbrokinase supplements contain a small amount of lumbrokinase, mixed with various proteolytic enzymes and earthworm proteins.  In essence they are “watered-down” or “cut” with bulk earthworm powder that does not have proteolytic properties.

If you are comparing Boluoke versus (vs) Nattokinase, 2 capsules Boluoke are more potent than 20 capsules of Nattokinase. Nattokinase is another fibrin-eating enzymes.  It is derived from fermented soybeans.  

In a comparison study, Boluoke showed 300 times the strength as a similar dose of serrapeptase.  Serrapeptase is anther proteolytic enzyme that is derived from a worm.  In this case, the enzymes are extracted from silk worms.  

While both serrapeptase and nattokinase are proteolytic enzymes, they have not proven to have the strength of unadulterated lumbrokinase enzyme in Boluoke.  





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When should I take Boluoke?

Here's My Story:
     I had heard and read that people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme disease and other immune/inflammatory disorders have “thick blood,” but I had not explored that in my own body. 
     So, a few years ago, when I developed a sheath clot from my elbow to my clavicle and then a week later I got a shorter clot in my other arm I took Coumadin and tried to find the thereuptic dose for 4 weeks, as directed by my doctor.  I even stopped eating dark leafy greens because of the interaction that they can have with blood thinning medications like Coumadin.  I also started taking high dose fish oil, nattokinase, and vitamin E. 
     After 4 weeks I had a follow-up ultra sound to see if the clots have dissolved or moved...  

     NOTHING !

      NOTHING had happened.  I was so frustrated because I was sick of changing doses of Coumadin and having my blood checked 3 times per week via the veins in my hands.  OUCH!!!   
     So, I started taking Boluoke at the highest dose recommended even though Boluoke is fairly expensive and I didn’t know very much about it.  I didn’t feel any different and I still had some swelling in my arm with the sheath clot.  
     But sure enough,  later when I went for a follow up ultrasound…..
No clots.  No residual.  Nothing. 
     I was able to go off Coumadin with the help of my doctor and  I start eating dark leafy greens immediately!
Well worth it!

Not only is it useful for DVT, but it is more commonly used to hypercoagulability and bacterial biofilms.  
Boluoke seemed to be a well-kept secret until a few years ago. Boluoke lumbrokinase has received a lot of attention from integrative medical doctors, especially those who treat Lyme, CIRS, and other complex illnesses.  These illnesses often include biofilms and hypercoagulation.

A Lyme disease infection often seems to be immune to antibiotics and antimicrobial agents.  This is due to the biofilms or protective coatings that accumulate around the bacterial colonies.  Boluoke enzymes break through the biofilm which allows antimicrobial herbs to kill the Lyme disease spirochete. 


Why should I take choose Canada RNA  Boluoke® (Lumbrokinase)?

All of the competing products are likely just earthworm protein extract containing little pure lumbrokinase or lumbrokinase of low enzymatic strength. Unfortunately, some companies are making products with 230mg to 250mg of lumbrokinase per capsule and then quote research that was conducted using Bolouke concentrated lumbrokinase enzymes. Boluoke capsules are of 200mg in size, and contain 20mg of lumbrokinase inside each capsule.  Other lumborkinase products are unable to measure a standard enzyme strength in their capsules.
     In plain English: When you buy other lumbrokinase products, you are NOT assured a specific dose of the enzyme. You are basically getting an earthworm protein and enzyme stew. The enzyme portion could be high or low. Boluoke guarantees that you are getting 20mg of active enzyme per capsule. 

Boluoke is an enzyme.  It should not be taken at the same time as other enzyme supplements because the Boluoke may be rendered ineffective by the action of other enzymes.

Boluoke comes in an enteric coated capsule.  This ensures that most of the enzyme survives your stomach acid.  

If you find capsules difficult to swallow, you may open the capsule.  However, not all of the active enzymes will make it past your stomach acid.  A higher dose may be necessary.

Boluoke, like all proteolytic enzymes,  can be a powerful way to detoxify from infections or heavy metal toxicity.  Start slowly and always use a binder agent in conjunction with Boluoke.

Week 1

1 cap on empty stomach
Monday, Wed, Friday

Followed by binder 30 minutes later

Week 2

1 cap on empty stomach


Followed by binder 30 minutes later

Week 3

1 cap on empty stomach


Followed by binder 30 minutes later

One capsule per day is a good general maintenance dose.  If you are dealing with Lyme or other biofilms or heavy metals,  please schedule a consult with me to create a personalized program for you.

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