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Feeling Blue and Can't Swallow?

March 16, 2016

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Vitamin D DeficiencyThe S.A.D. Reality of Vitamin D Deficiency 

Vitamin D deficiency is rampant. Some studies show that up to 97% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D. Most people don’t think about Vitamin D until the summer sun fades and the winter gloom appears. This is the time of you may begin to feel the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.).  

There have been only a few studies on Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) and the studies conclude that around 10% of people in the U.S. experience S.A.D. I tend to think that a lot more people get S.A.D., but they don’t recognize the signs. Some may notice more moodiness or fatigue of feeling “blue” during the winter months.  

Here are some additional warning signs you can look out for:

  • Loss of interest in life and can’t enjoy anything
  • Finding it difficult to make decisions or concentrate
  • Feeling unhappy most of the time
  • Feeling tired and having problems sleeping
  • Loss of confidence and self esteem
  • Avoiding other people
  • Feeling numb, despairing and empty
  • Suicidality

I, like 19 million other Americans, experience depression. In addition I experience S.A.D which means the symptoms get even worse during the winter. High doses of Vitamin D are the foundation of my wellness plan for combating S.A.D.

Test Your Own Vitamin D Levels

Measuring Vitamin D Levels

If you can relate with any of these symptoms or if you simply can't tell if you're vitamin D deficient, you can learn more about testing your own Vitamin D levels by reviewing the info in my Winter Wellness Blog.

What To Do If You're Vitamin D Deficient?

A vitamin D supplement is fairly easy to take and can do the trick for most. But what if you can’t swallow pills? I get this questions a lot; some of my clients have strong gag reflexes or experience nausea when swallowing supplements and they need an alternative. 

Another big issue I find with my clients is compliance. They have good intentions to take their supplements, but they just forget. Aren't we all guilty of this at some point? So what can you do if you can't swallow pills and keep forgetting to take them?

Vitamin D Alternative Solutions

I have an answer to both of these problems and they can be your solution to S.A.D. symptoms and low vitamin D levels. First, there's Replesta: a chewable Vitamin D3 wafer. It contains 50,000 iu per dose and can be taken 1 time per week. A high dose of Vitamin D3 supplement is recommended for those who have a very low Vitamin D level.

Second, once your Vitamin D levels reach a healthy range, I recommend Replesta Nx as a maintenance dose. These two supplements are perfect for:  

  1. Anyone experiencing symptoms of S.A.D.
  2. Anyone who can’t or doesn’t like swallowing capsules  
  3. Anyone who forgets to take their supplements every day---these are 1 time per week supplements

Need Help?

Now that you know that Vitamin D deficiency can cause symptoms you need to follow up.  The next task is to actually take the supplements and monitor your Vitamin D levels.  If that sounds overwhelming, just set up a consultation with me and I can guide you through the process.

Minding your vitamin D levels can be all that it takes to make your life naturally happier and get rid of your S.A.D. symptoms.


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