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Beta Glucan in Review

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on November 02, 2022

You’ve probably noticed that Beta-glucan by Transfer Point is one of our most popular products. Not only does it consistently perform as one of the best-selling products, but it consistently gets positive feedback and reviews from our customers. I have previously written about Transfer Point’s Beta Glucan. Whether you include it in your Winter Wellness Kit or are just curious about the benefits you can take advantage of, Beta-glucan is definitely worth learning about. In this blog post, I’m going to address some additional FAQs on Beta-glucan, and provide some additional resources for further research. 

What is beta-glucan good for?

As I’ve said in previous blog posts about Beta-glucan, it is a soluble fiber primarily found in plant-based foods like oatmeal, seaweed, and barley. Beta-glucan is mainly used for heart disease, high cholesterol, and immune support. With well over 1500 studies, it is well established that beta-glucans from food or supplement are supportive for your immune system, weight, and cardiovascular system. 

How does beta-glucan work on the immune system?

The immune response effects that Beta-glucan can influence can be very beneficial. This occurs through Beta-glucan’s role as an immune system activator and cell response modifier. Beta-glucan binds to cell receptors and can influence the body’s immune response. Additionally, Beta-glucan influences the activity of lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are white blood cells known as either B cells or T cells. B cells focus on internal threats, while T cells focus on foreign invaders and threats. 

Is beta-glucan good for skin?

Something you might not have known about beta-glucan is its effect on your skin! I have mentioned previously that beta-glucan outperforms hyaluronic acid. From deep hydration, to skin barrier repairing, a beta-glucan based skincare routine certainly has its benefits. By preventing moisture loss and keeping hydration in the skin, beta-glucan skincare products have the ability to affect fine lines and wrinkles as well. Curious about how to implement beta-glucan into your skincare regime? Oat-based masks or moisturizers are a great place to start. 

When should I take beta-glucan?

Beta-glucan supplements should be taken in the morning before you eat breakfast. This is so that the ingredients can be more easily absorbed and not held up by food digestion. Taking the supplement at this time can provide you with the biggest benefits. 

Does Quaker Oats contain beta-glucan?

Yes! Did you know that the FDA approved the claim that oatmeal has heart-healthy benefits? This was the very first food-related health claim they had approved. The good news is that oats are full of our favorite soluble fiber and beta-glucan!  The bad news is that to get the doses that are used in medical studies, you need a supplement.  You couldn't possibly eat enough oats to get therapeutic doses of beta-glucan. 

Is beta-glucan destroyed by cooking?

If you’re thinking that you can just make some oatmeal and you’ll get enough beta-glucan, you may be wrong. The structure of the beta-glucan can be altered by cooking or baking, according to an article written by the European Food Information Council. A second article published by academics at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences analyzed the effects of beta-glucan during various baking processes. Through heat or freezing, the molecular weight could be manipulated. The differentiation of molecular weight influences the health benefits. In layman’s terms, when the bread was heated up or frozen, the molecules in the bread were becoming heavier or lighter (which influenced the bread). So, overall the beta-glucan may not be destroyed by this reaction, but it will be changed in some way. This is why Transfer Point’s Beta Glucan formula is so great. The 1,3D form that is utilized in this formula can provide support for immune health, as well as other health benefits.

Further Readings

Looking for an in-depth article on the history of glucans and how we have implemented them into our health? Look no further, here is an academic piece from 2019

The supplement market is growing exponentially each year. With new products come new claims and more information to learn. The CDC projects that with the growth and aging of the population in the United States, the number of cancer cases will increase 49%, from 1,534,000 in 2015 to 2,286,000 in 2050. More and more we are seeing loved ones being diagnosed with a type of cancer. With that grieving and fear comes a desire for a cure (or at least a guaranteed treatment). Beta-glucan is not a cancer treatment. There is not enough scientific evidence to draw a line from Beta-glucan treatments to remission. By encouraging further scientific work, maybe we will see a clearer answer on how to treat cancer. For more information, I recommend checking out this study from 2009

Concluding Thoughts

Beta-glucan is great, and Transfer Point provides an excellent formula. Their quality control is amazing, and each batch is thoroughly tested. Curious about implementing Transfer Point’s Beta Glucan supplement into your daily regime? Let’s chat - Schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC.