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Deep Blue Health Brand

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on August 11, 2021

Deep Blue Health Brand

Sea Cucumber, Oyster, Green Lipped Mussel. All of these words sound like they belong to the ocean and not in your kitchen cabinet. Nevertheless, they can be in your fridge or in your home wellness pharmacy. I’ve never eaten a sea cucumber as far as I know, but oysters are one of my favorites. These exotic sea creatures offer many nutrients and health benefits.

Deep Blue Health is a unique brand that partners with renowned pharmaceutical companies and local resources to produce natural health supplements. In this way, you can bring some of what New Zealand’s bountiful landscape has to offer, home to you.

In this article, I will provide some general information on how the Deep Blue Health brand came to be, what it stands for, their most unique formulas, and how they source other ingredients like Bee Venom. If you think your lifestyle might benefit from a little TLC from the deep blue sea, definitely keep on reading.

Who and What is Deep Blue Health?

Founded in the striking “city of sails,” Auckland, New Zealand, Deep Blue Health prides itself on utilizing the bounty of pure and potent ingredients that the landscape has to offer. Since its foundation in 2004, this company has been fast-growing and demonstrates a commitment to innovation in natural health and supplying supreme products to educated consumers of the world. 

To create its products, Deep Blue Health works with both New Zealand Health Manufacturing (NZHM) and GMP Pharmaceuticals. These companies are known worldwide for producing high-quality pharmaceutical and natural supplements. In partnership with Deep Blue Health, they make a “harmonious blend of nature’s best with science.” 

Deep Blue Health emphasizes the use of raw ingredients from New Zealand’s coast and high country farms. Whether it’s Green Lipped Mussel from the seas of Marlborough or Deer Velvet from the Wanaka Alps, you can be sure that the best ingredients will find their way back to you. They aim to bring positive health results for you while they work closely with experts in the natural health science field. The next few sections will outline what products are available to you, your family, and friends. 

Which Deep Blue Health Products Are the Best?

When it comes to providing a wide range of products for a wide range of benefits, Deep Blue Health Does not disappoint. What’s different about them is that they break products into categories based on the ingredient source. Currently, their supplements are broken down into the Animal Series, Bee Series, Dairy Series, Herbal Series, Marine Series, and Vitamin Series. Though no singular product is a magical cure-all, these are a few of their most potent offerings: 

Sea Cucumber: Hailing from the Marine Series, this product harnesses the curative properties of the squishy invertebrates commonly found on the sandy seafloor. This marine animal is highly valued for its nutritional and medicinal benefits - it can stimulate the immune system, improve joint health and mobility, and reduce inflammation overall. This is due to the fact that sea cucumber contains Chondroitin Sulphate and Triterpenoids, which have multiple health benefits. The supplement itself comes in the form of capsules, each of which contains 500mg of 100% pure dried sea cucumber powder.

Green Lipped Mussel: Our next health-friendly sea animal is the Green Lipped Mussel. Native to New Zealand, it is one of the most powerful functional foods. Though its main benefit is that it promotes joint health, it contains a range of bioactive ingredients that serve many purposes. Altogether it: 

    • Promotes joint health and mobility
    • Helps the body naturally repair and rebuild damaged cartilage
    • Supports connective tissue, speeds repair of ligaments and tendons
    • Provides significant anti-inflammatory activity
    • Natural pain relief without the long-term side effects of arthritic drugs

(Source: Deep Blue Health)

Deep Blue Health’s Green Lipped Mussel is sourced from licensed marine farms in the South Island. It is freeze-dried to preserve its naturally-active ingredients, such as Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), Omega 3 fatty acids, Glucosamine, Chondroitin sulfate, and marine protein. These GAGs make up some of the principal components in the cartilage and synovial fluid of your joints. In doing so, they provide flexibility, elasticity, and strength to these areas. Furthermore, they act as a strong anti-inflammatory. Green Lipped Mussel too comes in capsule form, containing 500mg of Green Lipped Mussel powder. 

Bee Venom: Don’t let the word “venom” fool you. This is a powerful supplement for improving joint health and mobility. Also known as “api-toxin” bee venom has been used medicinally for centuries in what can also be called “api-therapy.” Deep Blue Health’s Bee Venom contains Glucosamine sulfate so, similar to the Green Lipped Mussel, it is largely used in regard to joint health. Still, research is underway to discover the full scope of what bee venom can do for you.

In fact, a recent study of Honeybee venom demonstrates its ability to kill breast cancer cells. The Bee Venom found in Deep Blue Health’s product comes specifically from the Canterbury Plains in New Zealand. Most importantly, their bees are disease-free, the beekeepers are nationally endorsed, and neither are harmed during the collection process. This supplement is available in capsule form as well. Each capsule contains 25ug of Bee Venom; 500mg of Glucosamine sulfate and encapsulating materials.


What are the capsules made out of?

Deep Blue Health’s active supplement ingredients are commonly taken via supplement capsules. The majority of these capsules are gelatin-based, either soft or hard gel. They all contain animal-based, NZFSA approved gelatin. Some products are encapsulated specifically in vegetarian capsules; these are clearly indicated on the package label. 

Why are sea cucumbers considered nutritious? 

As a marine animal, sea cucumbers are full of protein, low in fat, and contain vitamins/minerals. Deep Blue Health’s Sea Cucumber supplement is basically a highly concentrated, powder form of this invertebrate. 

How long does it take to notice an improvement? 

As with most supplements, the effectiveness of the product depends on a variety of other factors related to the individual. For joint and tendon issues, however, Deep Blue Health suggests that you will see an improvement within four weeks. 

Can I still take Green Lipped Mussel even if I don’t suffer from joint pain? 

Absolutely! Even if you aren’t currently experiencing joint issues, Green Lipped Mussel’s GAGs will still support your connective tissues and prevent wear-and-tear associated with aging.

Customer Reviews

I bought the green-lipped mussel supplements after reading about treatment of joint pain. I started taking them about 2 weeks ago. Before I did I had noticeable hip aches almost daily. I am 63 years old so I guess that is not unusual. Today and for the past 3-4 days I have had no hip ache or other joint pain. Maybe it is a coincidence maybe not but I am going to continue to take them. My wife has arthritis in her fingers so I suggested that she try them. I am giving the pet version to my elderly dogs that have joint issues and I will see if it helps them with their pain?” - Mike (via Deep Blue Health)

“Great quality product that has improved my immune system. Sydney this winter had a 100 day flu and despite not getting a flu injection and being subjected to people coughing around me, I didn't catch it. I attribute this largely to Sea Cucumber tablets.” - Cynthia (via Deep Blue Health)

“Wonderful product. I have arthritis, and I am waiting on a double hip replacement. I take one in the morning and one in the evening and I notice that I have a lot less pain than I did before. I also gave some to a friend at work, who has knee pain, and it has really helped her. I will never be without my sea cucumber.” - Mary (via Deep Blue Health)

“Spent ages looking at many options to buy Bee Pollen. On finding this brand, I have been blessed. I have been taking pollen for many years, but I can honestly say this is by far the best quality pollen I have ever purchased. I will be repeat ordering regularly. Keep up the great work Deep Blue Health. It is appreciated. Sincerely John R.” - John Richards (via Deep Blue Health)

    In the end, if you’re looking to invest in some high-quality natural supplements - Deep Blue Health is the way to go. I highly recommend adding this brand and its products to your to-purchase list regardless of your age or health condition. Next time you reach for your purse, bedside table, or supplement cabinet, you can know that a piece of the ever-bountiful New Zealand will be there to greet you. 

    For more answers to how you can support your health naturally, visit our site or our blog. For more personalized treatment, schedule a consultation today.


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