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HCP Fibrenza: The Power of Enzymes

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on October 05, 2022

You’ve heard of Captain America, the Hulk, and Iron Man… superheroes come in all shapes and sizes! One group of superheroes that I think needs a little more praise is enzymes. They are the reason that we eat, breathe, and sleep every day. Enzymes speed up chemical reactions in our bodies. One of the most important roles that enzymes have in the body is during digestion. Turning food into usable energy is one of the most important internal processes. There are enzymes present in your saliva, stomach, and intestines. We can also obtain more enzymes through supplements and food. 

Insufficient levels of enzymes can occur as we age. Decreased levels of enzymes can lead to fatigue, fibrin buildup, systemic inflammation, and other chronic illness symptoms. Many studies, including one in 2022 have analyzed the effects on various inflammatory joint diseases by fibrin buildup. The study found that increased instances of fibrin buildup did lead to inflammatory joint diseases like arthritis. 

HCP Fibrenza

As I discussed earlier, when there aren’t enough enzymes, the body may start to struggle in areas such as fatigue and inflammation. Fibrenza offers the benefits of a systemic enzyme while avoiding fillers and binders. In addition to avoiding those, they also do not include ingredients that are common sensitivities. This means no: phthalates, magnesium stearate, talc, artificial colors/flavors, fish, dairy, yeast, gluten, GMO’s, and wheat. 

The time-release capsule formulation of Fibrenza is one of the reasons for its success in so many people. This special capsule protects the supplement from the acidity of the stomach so that it can be delivered to the small intestine. From there, it is absorbed by the body into the bloodstream! Meant for body-wide support, with a focus on immune support, detoxification, and fibrin dissolving, this formula has the ability to reach many parts of your body easily and quickly. 

If it weren’t for the time-release capsule, these beneficial enzymes would be lost to stomach acids. This brings us back to HCP’s core values that it provides to consumers. HCP Formulas believes that a supplement is only as good as its delivery system; they feel that this supplement has the best of the best!

Fibrenza should be taken on an empty stomach with water. I recommend timing this 45 minutes before meals or 60 minutes after meals. The daily recommended dose is 2 capsules twice daily, although some may benefit from higher doses. 

The side effects of Fibrenza are mild and well-tolerated. Some users have reported detoxification symptoms like nausea, fatigue, and headaches. These are similar to flu symptoms.   If you experience symptoms, I recommend increasing water intake or temporarily reducing the dosage.

HCP’s Fibrenza formula is by far one of the most beloved and best selling formulas on HealthyHabitsLiving.com. Take a look below and see why it has made so many HHL customers happy!

Carol E. says, “Best product possibly that I have ever tried. In less than 3 weeks after starting this product, I noticed remarkably less pain in the lower lumbar area and left hip. Now after 4 weeks the pain is virtually gone. Excellent product! Thank you.”

Joanna C. says, “This product is very strong....though it says to take 2 I recommend only 1 a day for a week to see how the body responds. Fibrenza can clean up scar tissue and sometimes disturb how tissue healed, ie ligaments and scar tissue that is acting as support. It can also create gut acidity for a person who has sensitive soft tissue issues. Overall it helped me before major pelvic surgery to the degree of isolating the pain and the ob/gyn who did the robotic laser surgery said she had never seen such a clean abdominal cavity. I know it was due to taking the Fibrenza for nearly 2 months prior to surgery and a dose of 1 capsule 2X a day.”

Fran W. says, “My husband and I both have felt a distinct strengthening in our inner core after only two weeks of using Fibrenza---and neither of us is taking the full recommended dose. My husband is 80 and is taking only 2 capsules once a day, and I am 78 and taking only 1 capsule a day. (We plan to increase gradually to the recommended dose, but started slowly to make sure we tolerated well.)”

Jiyoung Y. says, “It works!”

James R. says, “But the product arrived promptly and intact. Certainly, the list of ingredients is impressive, as is the apparent care in production. I have felt pretty good the past few days. did notice an almost immediate improvement in digestion, which isn't actually the condition for which I purchased, but it is a bonus. Hopeful.”

Debbie M. says, “I’ve taken a varied amount of enzymes capsules in my adult life and I have to say that this brand is the best. I highly recommend it. They help your digestion immensely.”

Beth C. says, “Fibrenza is Great Enzymes. My Peyronies improved substantially in only ten days. We also use it for its clot-busting nattokinase and post-op healing w/o scarring. Great Enzymes!”

Anne F. says, “I've been taking them for over a week and I’m feeling WAY better!”

Beth says, “We really love this product! Fibrenza has every enzyme you need. Originally I ordered it for Peyronies Disease and it works. It is also good for people on the Keto diet with no gallbladder. It has digestive enzymes as well! A Very good product that works!”

Concluding Thoughts

Enzymes are vital to our body’s support and function. HCP has honed in on that goal of full-body support by offering an effective and useful supplement that has garnered wide acclaim and support from supplement users. Curious about what else HCP’s FIbrenza can do for you, or wanting more information on how to support your body’s enzymes as you age? Schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC.