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Prescript Assist

Prescript Assist is manufactured by a company based in the state of Montana. This company is called Safer Medical of Montana Inc. The purpose of their product is to target the health of the gastrointestinal tract. This is the site of where the nutrients for the body are broken down. In order for this to function properly there are many systems which have to work together. If these systems are not working optimally it causes distress which as a result of this, limits the types of foods one is able to comfortably eat. The product created by Safer Medical of Montana Inc., Prescript Assist helps to restore certain biological balances to the gastrointestinal tract.

28 Strain Formula

Included in their product is 28 strains which accounts for a broad spectrum of microbiota. These certain strains are shelf stable due to the fact that each SBO cell is encased by a protecting layer. This allows the probiotics to thrive in harsh conditions that it would experience in the stomach as it travels through the body. Due to the fact that the probiotics are able to survive the stomach conditions, it is more easily able to reach the intestinal tract where they are needed. Third party testing has been conducted in order to the verify that the probiotics do properly survive the stomach and reach the intestines. The probiotics provide a viable food source for the bacteria known as a prebiotic, this, in turn, promotes survival of the bacteria.

In general the products call for a return to mother nature in all of their goals and purposes. Their products are vegan and safe for their consumers. Another aspect of their product is the fact that the 28 strains are very diverse in order to cover the many different bacteria that works to make the body function at its optimal levels.