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Healthy Feet and Nerves Full Review

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on February 21, 2018

Healthy Feet & Nerves by Terry Naturally is a trusted and effective supplement designed to help support healthy nerve function and aid appropriate blood circulation, especially in the feet and hands. Healthy Feet & Nerves is most commonly used to alleviate the symptoms of neuropathy.

Neuropathy: What Can You Do About It?

Imagine walking barefoot on shards of broken glass or picking up a burning coal with your bare hands. Or, imagine the sensation you feel when one of your limbs falls asleep. These are all descriptions of what it feels like to suffer from neuropathy. Some 20 million people deal with these symptoms every day of their lives. Neuropathy is the result of damaged nerves. Inflammation around the nerves is to blame for the damage. When neuropathy occurs for unknown causes, it is termed: idiopathic neuropathy. It is most commonly caused by diabetes, arthritis, or chemotherapy. Neuropathy, sometimes called peripheral neuropathy, is a painful and often debilitating condition. It is not only inconvenient, but can cause the loss of limbs---usually feet or legs. 

According to John Hopkins Hospital, neuropathy cannot be cured. It can only be managed through lifestyle interventions. Possible interventions include:

  • Manage diabetes and blood sugar through diet and exercise
  • Correct vitamin deficiencies
  • Braces for feet or legs
  • Relaxation techniques such as yoga
  • Regular light exercise
  • Pain medications

How Healthy Feet & Nerves Can Help

Consider the following information as an introduction to one of the best nerve function support supplements available. With powerful tested ingredients, raving reviews, and little to no side effects, Terry Naturally's Healthy Feet & Nerves is hard to pass up!

Powerful Ingredients

B vitamins contained in Healthy Feet & Nerves are in the biologically active form. Many B vitamin supplements are in the laboratory manufactured form, which means they are not efficiently absorbed or utilized within the body. These inactive B vitamins must be converted by your body in order to aide your nerves and cells. The problem with this process is your genetics. Over 50% of the population cannot activate the B vitamins; consequently, most of the population cannot use the inactive form of the B vitamins. Many of the other "nerve formulas" simply cannot provide relief because they lack the biologically active B vitamins that are necessary for optimal nerve health and symptom relief.

Vitamin B Active/Inactive in Healthy Feet & Nerves Chart

Chromium is an important mineral in your body. It works directly to control blood sugar. When your blood sugar gets too high, as in the case of diabetes, nerves are damaged and the surrounding tissue becomes inflamed. The nerve damage leads to peripheral neuropathy. Terry Naturally's Healthy Feet and Nerves has 200mcg of chelated chromium.

Zinc is another crucial mineral for overall health. Zinc levels are often low in people with neuropathy. Zinc is important for regulating blood sugar and fighting inflammation. Most people eat a diet that is deficient in zinc. Oysters, lamb, and pumpkin seeds are high in zinc. This formula includes 10mg of zinc. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a strong antioxidant. The modern American diet and lifestyle are full of "oxidants"---substances that cause oxidation. When you breathe in smoke from cigarettes or car exhaust, oxidation is occurring in your body. Fried foods and high sugar foods are the biggest culprits of oxidation in our diets. When you eat french fries and doughnuts, or your drink soda, you are causing oxidation and inflammation. For many people, the inflammation ends up damaging nerves and causing neuropathy. With so many sources of oxidation, you need an extra supply of antioxidants to even the scales. 200mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid addresses the inflammation and oxidation that contributes to neuropathy.

Boswellia tree resin is used for supplements and making frankincense essential oil. The resin from the tree is extracted to create Boswellia gum resin. Boswellia Serrata is the specific tree that is used for most supplements. The Boswellia resin has several different medicinal components. The most helpful component is AKBA (acetyl-11-keto-B-boswellic acid). This component has been studied and shown to reduce inflammation and pain. AKBA works by blocking an enzyme pathway that creates inflammation within your body. Unfortunately, Boswellia extract also has some inflammatory creating components as well. Beta-boswellic acid (BBA) creates inflammatory molecules, so it is not something you want in supplement form. It is important to look for a supplement that is a standardized extract with low BBA. The Boswellia in Terry Naturally's Healthy Feet and Nerves is a standardized extract with high AKBA and low BBA.  

Benfotiamine is a powerful form of Vitamin B1 Thiamine that is fat soluble. Thiamine is critical for changing fats and carbohydrates into fuel for your body. Thiamine is water soluble like all other B vitamins. Benfotiamine has the abilities of thiamine, plus it is fat soluble and able to pass through cell membranes more rapidly. Because of this characteristic, Benfotiamine can stop oxidation from damaging nerves and tissues. Benfotiamine has been used for decades throughout Europe. It is given as a prescription to treat diabetes and neuropathy.


The reviews almost sound too good to be true, but they are true. This combination of ingredients is targeted to reduce inflammation, which in turn reduces pain. Once inflammation is reduced, nerves can heal and symptoms subside. Reviewers report using Terry Naturally Healthy Feet and Nerves for neuropathy and arthritis-related pain. They usually experience relief within a week of starting the supplement. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules twice per day. I recommend taking it right before a meal because B vitamins and zinc can upset an empty stomach.

Side effects:

There are no side effects involved in this safe and effective supplement. All B vitamins are water soluble so there is a very low risk of taking too much. Boswellia and Benfotiamine have been studied for safety and no adverse reactions have been reported.  

Healthy Feet & Nerves - Competing Supplements

There are a few formulas that almost come close to the therapeutic nutrients in Terry Naturally's Healthy Feet and Nerves. Neuropaquell has the bioactive form of B vitamins, but the doses are much lower than Healthy Feet and Nerves. Neuropaquell is lower in Alpha Lipoic Acid. There is no zinc or chromium in Neuropaquell, which means it offers no help with managing blood sugar.  

NeuropAway is another popular product. It is almost twice the price and includes only one active B vitamin---Methylcobalamin. It doesn't have any ingredients to aid in blood sugar maintenance or reduce inflammation.  

Nervex, Penetrex, Neuropathy Rubbing Oil are all topical creams. They will provide temporary relief, but do not have ingredients to provide sustained relief. I recommend topical Comfrey Cream in addition to Healthy Nerves and Feet.

Concluding Thoughts

 A recent study, published in 2018, shows that Boswellia and curcumin, in combination, have stronger results than each nutrient on its own. If you take a Boswellia supplement and a curcumin supplement, you create a synergy which isn't achieved with either supplement taken alone.

Here are my top tips for managing neuropathy:

  1. Paleo or Ketogenic diet to reduce inflammation and manage blood sugar
  2. Daily dose of Healthy Feet and Nerves
  3. Daily dose of CuraMed 750mg
  4. Exercise: walking, yoga or physical therapy

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In health,

Carly Neubert BA, NC


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