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Metagenics Glutagenics for Gastrointestinal Support

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on August 04, 2021

Metagenics Glutagenics is not just a colorful wordplay - it’s an impressive dietary supplement for gastrointestinal support. Glutagenics is the product, Metagenics is the company, and together they make quite the pair. When it comes to gastrointestinal health, there are many products out there, some of which you may be familiar with, such as Gi Sustain, Glutashield, and Gastromend.

Today’s blog is going to explore the product Glutagenics, as well as supply you with some general info on its parent company Metagenics. We’ll talk about its ingredients, potential side effects, who should be taking it, some customer reviews, and more. Regardless of if you're looking for gastrointestinal-specific products, or just want to discover a new supplement company, reading about Metagenics Glutagenics will likely turn out to be a worthwhile endeavor. 

Who is Metagenics? 

Metagenics is a company that specializes in creating dietary supplements. For the past 30 years, their main focus has been on researching and improving functional nutrition. As a company, their key areas of dedication are in “scientific discovery, unparalleled quality, and practitioner partnerships.” When learning about Metagenics, some key areas to note are their partnerships, education, innovation, labeling, and sustainability. As any quality and socially aware company should be - Metagenics devotes itself to a variety of fields and platforms for improvement.

In terms of reaping the utmost health benefits, close relationships with healthcare practitioners are a novelty that Metagenics has not overlooked. Along with trusted practitioner guidance, they foster long-lasting relationships with healthcare professionals to deliver nutritional solutions that really work. The infographic below provides an overview of just what Metagenics’ practitioner partnerships look like. 


(Source: Metagenics)

Including their partnerships, Metagenics focuses on educating others in the field of nutritional science. Their aim is to empower others to both pursue and take advantage of the latest advances in clinical nutrition. In fact, in just 2016 alone, Metagenics hosted 28 webinars, 31 seminars and special events, 103 connecting with practitioner dinners, and 50 round table workshops. Metagenics also contains the Metagenics Healthcare Institute for Clinical Nutrition, which publishes articles on recent findings in the field and offers fellowships to naturopathic colleagues.

In terms of innovation, Metagenics is certainly among the best. In its four decades in the field, it has pioneered numerous proprietary solutions that are still in use by practitioners today. The timeline below gives a depiction of some of the highlights in Metagenics' history of innovation.

(Source: Metagenics)

Taking a look at labeling and sustainability, Metagenics certifies that every product is clear and reliably labeled with features like Gluten-free, non-GMO, and GMP Certified. No matter the product, what you see on the label is exactly what you get on the inside. Even after the labeling process, Metagenics continues to dedicate itself to quality and sustainability. From its Zero Water Footprint to its usage of Postconsumer waste, they ensure that quality products do not come at the expense of the environment. 

There's no doubt that Metagenics holds a high standard when it comes to maintaining values and ethical practices. For more information on how they employ both quality and transparency, click here

What is Glutagenics?

Now that you are a certified Metagenics expert, it’s time to discuss Glutagenics. Glutagenics is one of Metagenics’ key dietary supplements. Its primary goal is to support and improve gastrointestinal health through the fortification of the gastrointestinal lining. A healthy gastrointestinal lining is vital in all walks of life - it is essential for proper digestion, immune function, and overall well being.  When the cells in your gastrointestinal lining are not healthy, and spread too far apart, this is termed “leaky gut” or “intestinal permeability.”

Leaky gut is a syndrome that was first discussed in 1965 and called the intestinal porous hypothesis.  The idea that the small intestines can be too porous or permeable was largely ignored by conventional medicine until the year 2000 when zonulin was discovered. Zonulin is the protein that causes intestinal cells to spread apart instead of staying in tight junctions.  When the cells are too far apart, many substances are absorbed into your bloodstream that should not be there.  Once in your bloodstream, immune cells react to these substances.  Leaky gut has been linked to everything from autoimmune diseases to mental health issues. Irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux have both been linked to Leaky gut.  If you agree with Hippocrates and believe that all disease begins in the gut, then a permeable small intestine (Leaky gut) is a major health disaster.  

I have been challenged with a Leaky gut for most of my life.  I believe it started in puberty when my hormones were changing and I kept getting yeast infections.  Because of those infections, I took numerous rounds of antibiotics.  Studies have proven that antibiotic use severely changes your microbiome (good/bad bacteria).  Imbalances in microbiome flora leaves your intestines open to all sorts of issues such as parasite infections, dysbiosis, and Leaky gut. 
When I was first diagnosed with Leaky gut it was a newer concept and certainly not something that was even recognized by traditional western medicine.  Now there are dozens of studies validating its existence and causes.   Leaky gut is officially diagnosed as “functional intestinal permeability” or “intestinal hyperpermeability.”

Healing and revitalizing your small intestinal cells is the treatment for Leaky gut.  To achieve this, Glutagenics employs three key ingredients: glutamine, deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL), and aloe gel. Each of these is employed with the goal of improving the integrity and healthy functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. 

A serving of Glutagenics provides:

  • 3.5 grams glutamine: a powerful amino acid that acts as a fuel source for the cells of the gastrointestinal lining
  • Concentrated DGL (deglycyrrhized licorice root): a compound that supports your body’s natural defense systems by stimulating mucous production - a major component of the gastrointestinal lining. 
  •  Premium extracts of aloe leaf: this contains complex carbohydrates that both soothe the gastrointestinal lining and improve digestion. 

Along with these ingredients, Glutagenics is processed to remove glycyrrhizin, along with some of the bitter principles of aloe vera that have been known to produce a laxative effect.  Glycyrrhizin is the nutrient in licorice root that can cause high blood pressure.  Because of this side effect, the glycyrrhizin is removed from licorice root before it is used in the Glutagenics formula. 

What are the side effects of glutamine?

When taking any product with glutamine, there are some side effects to look out for. More specifically, side effects may occur if you’re allergic to glutamine, or if you’ve taken too much. Some of these include: 

  • Nausea 
  • Joint pain
  • Vomiting 
  • Hives

Nonetheless, it is important to note that glutamine is safe if you stick to recommended doses. These dosages can vary from case to case. Generally, the maximum dosage is 30 grams per day, or five grams six times per day. Luckily, Glutagenics only contains 3.5 grams of glutamine per serving, which remains well under this limit. 

Is Glutagenics bad for your liver?

Some consumers are wary that Metagenics Glutagenics is bad for the liver. This is largely based on the idea that glutamine, one of the main ingredients in Glutagenics, has the potential to cause liver damage. Some cases suggest that the non-essential amino acid structure of glutamine can potentially induce hepatotoxicity, or chemical-driven liver damage. 

However, this relationship is still under research. As mentioned above, being aware of dosages and potential allergies can prevent you from experiencing adverse reactions. As a supplement, Glutagenics employs small doses of glutamine, in conjunction with other beneficial natural ingredients. If using this product correctly, liver damage shouldn’t be a concern. 

Who should take Glutagenics?

With its powerful support of the intestinal lining, Glutagenics can prove to be beneficial for individuals with a variety of digestive issues. If you suspect a Leaky gut, focus your energies, diet, and supplements around supporting your small intestinal cells.  Still, a healthy gastrointestinal system is essential for all and plays a role in immune function and overall health. Even if you are not actively experiencing digestive issues, you could still benefit from taking this supplement.

If you are still on the fence about Glutagenics, here’s what some customers have to say: 

“It was recommended by my Nutritionist to add this to my supplement regimen and it's really helped with my overall gut health. I usually alternate every other day with another glutamine product, but this blend is just different and I feel like it has more beneficiary ingredients than just glutamine alone. I've loved all the Metagenics products I've tried!” - Miranda (reviewed on Metagenics.com)

“My doctor recommended this for me for stomach issues. The taste is pleasant and dissolves easily. I have felt much better especially regarding nausea when in the air or on a boat and attribute feeling better to the product. I will keep using.” - Kathleen (reviewed on Metagenics.com)

"My husband has had digestive issues for years. This product has changed his life. Seriously, he used to struggle on what to eat everyday. I bought groceries solely around his diet. He takes Glutagenics when he starts feeling a little twinge of stomach issue and it's better quickly. He still has some digestive difficulties, but the difference is impossible to measure." - Julia (reviewed on Metagenics.com)

"My doctor recommended this when i was in a world of hurt with gut issues triggered by juicing, of all things! It took a week or so of taking this 2-3X a day to to heal my gut and the relief was miraculous. After that incident, i always keep a tub on hand to use ‘as needed’. When i indulge in foods that give me trouble like gluten, sugar or dairy (or anything whatsoever that makes my GI feel ‘not good’) i take this powder. Usually one dose does the trick (if in great discomfort, I will take another dose 6 hours later). I mostly steer clear of foods that don’t agree with me, but during the holidays or special occasions, I don’t deprive myself because I know I can take this powder to give me instant relief. Its magic powder. Goodness knows why it works so well for me, but I sure am grateful!! It’s expensive but it is sooooo worth it." - Roseann (reviewed on Metagenics.com)

Metagenics Glutagenics is an excellent formula from a trusted company to back it. You can find it on our site, or read about how glutamine can benefit your body via the antioxidant glutathione. Lastly, you can schedule a personalized consultation today for a more in-depth health evaluation. 


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