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Nutrivene Curcumin: Optimized for Absorption and Your Health

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on October 19, 2022

For more than two decades, International Nutrition has been focused on providing high-quality and effective supplements for the entire family. One of their most popular products is the Longvida Curcumin.

Curcumin has become super popular in the natural-health world, especially when it comes to natural pain relief and curbing inflammation. Turmeric is the root that is usually dried, ground, and sold in the spice section of your grocery store. It has about 3% active curcumin in it. On the other hand, a high-quality turmeric/curcumin supplement will have 95% active curcumin. I have previously written about curcumin for many different products - check out the links below to brush up on your curcumin knowledge:

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What makes this formula different?

You may be wondering, why is this one highlighted specifically? Why is this product the best and deserving of your money? This reason comes down to one word - absorption. You can take as many turmeric root pills as you want, but you won’t absorb much of the active curcumin unless it has been properly extracted. Competing curcumin supplements have great results when it comes to trials in test tubes and in animals. When it comes to human use, however, the results are lackluster. Nutrivene’s Solid Lipid Curcumin Particle (SLCP) technology promotes absorption into your bloodstream and organs. 

Curcumin has been used in thousands of medical studies. Here is a list of all of the medical studies that have used Longvida Curcumin. In trials, Nutrivene’s Curcumin reached plasma 65% better than the generic curcumin alternative. 

What is turmeric/curcumin used for?

Turmeric contains the phytonutrient  “curcumin.” There are many benefits, as I have described previously. From anti-inflammatory benefits to antioxidant capabilities, this is one powerful spice. It can be used in the kitchen in curry, or it can be used to combat pain and inflammation. 

One of the conditions that use curcumin as a natural pain remedy is osteoarthritis. It is the most common chronic joint disorder in the United States. Nearly 27 million individuals are affected in the United States. The result of cartilage breaking down, it can manifest itself in the back, neck, hips, and knees mainly. As you can imagine, this can be painful, bothersome, and affects all aspects of your lifestyle. Because curcumin can easily be implemented into a supplement regime, it has become quite popular in pain management and reduction as well as improving physical activity. 

Beyond the inflammation associated with osteoarthritis is neuroinflammation.  Brain-based inflammation has been linked to obesity, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and ALS. In 2020, a research study using Longvida curcumin, concluded that curcumin supplements reduced memory complaints and improved well-beingThis study reported better mood, reduced fatigue, and stronger working memory in older adults.



Is turmeric bad for your kidneys?

No, in fact, there is an interesting connection between curcumin and kidney disease. While more study needs to be done, the preliminary findings are that curcumin may delay the progression of the disease through inflammation reduction. 

Is it safe to take curcumin every day?

Yes, it is safe to take turmeric every day. Studies usually use doses of 500-2,000 mg per day of curcumin per day. The diet of someone living in India usually contains about 2500 mg of turmeric and around 60-100mg of active curcumin. 

The risk of side effects is low, but certain individuals should not consume turmeric in supplement form. These include pregnant and breastfeeding women and those with kidney stones, gallbladder disease, bleeding disorders, and diabetes. Speaking with a healthcare professional like myself can help in determining whether or not turmeric-based supplements can be advantageous. 

Does turmeric lighten skin?

A recent study did make this finding - curcumin has skin lightening benefits. There is some discrepancy in “lightening” vs. “brightening,” but the necessary research has begun to determine this claim. Through powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammation benefits, turmeric and curcumin can provide these skin-boosting benefits. However, this is not confirmed with a supplement, only with a topical lotion. 

Nutrivene’s Longvida Curcumin has been studied and used for several decades. 

Further Readings

Want to read about curcumin and its overall health benefits? Click here for an academic overview of curcumin for medical purposes.  

Want something a little more recent? Here is a study published in 2021 that compared NSAIDs and curcumin extract.

Wrapping Things Up

With the previous years we have experienced, it is no wonder people are looking for natural ways to alleviate their pain. NSAIDs are common and can be found on your grocery store shelf, but their benefits may be outweighed by the long-term costs of usage. Curcumin, as well as other natural paint relief remedies, pose a change to how we address pain and inflammation. It is my hope that we not only learn more about healthy ways to address our ailments, but we set up good habits for our own lives and the lives of our loved ones. Questions about Nutrivene Curcumin or how it can address your inflammation? Schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC.


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