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Prescript Assist Probiotic Full Review

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on August 23, 2017

You are not so much "self" as you would think. You are a host to trillions of bacteria and bacterial cells. In fact, your own human cells are outnumbered 10 to 1. For every 10 bacteria cells in your body, you have only 1 human self cell. You inherit 20,000 genes from your parents and at least 2 million genes from your microbiome---the bacteria that live inside of you.

When you talk about improving your health, you are really saying that you want to improve the healthy balance of the bacteria that live inside of you. 

Prescript Assist is a shelf stable soil based organism probiotic supplement that contains spore-forming bacteria. Spore-form bacteria are superior to lactic acid bacteria because the spores actually attach to the intestinal walls and multiply. Inoculating your intestines with commensal (helpful) bacteria is the most thorough way to change your health.  

Which is better: Soil Based Organisms or Lactic Acid strains?

Probiotic supplements are the accepted answer for changing your internal bacteria. But it may not be as easy as the TV commercials would have you believe. Common probiotic supplements are made from lactic acid strains of microorganisms.  

Lactic acid strains are sensitive and can easily be killed by stomach acid and gastric juices. On the other hand, soil based organisms are biologically adapted to survive the acidic environment of your digestive track.

Lactic acid strains are sensitive to temperature changes, especially heat. This sensitivity means the capsules need to be kept in your refrigerator. The supplement expiration dates are usually quite short because the manufacturer doesn't know how long those tiny little probiotic organisms will stay alive, especially if the bottle changes temperature during shipping or after you buy them.

Another problem with lactic acid strains is sensitivity to light because this too causes temperature changes. Moisture and perspiration from refrigeration can also kill lactic acid probiotic strains.  

There is a lot of uncertainty when you are purchasing lactic acid strains: Will the probiotics survive the acid in your stomach? Has the temperature changed during transportation? If so, did the heat kill all of the probiotics, or are some still active? Once in your fridge, has any moisture gotten into the bottle?  

Choosing innately resilient soil based organisms takes all the worry and concern out of storage and temperature control.

What is Prescript Assist?

There are two main categories of probiotics to consider when you choose a supplement. The common probiotics most of us are familiar with are the lactic acid strains, with Lactobacillus Acidophilus being the most well known. Most lactic acid strains are transient. This means they don't stay in your gut, but are short term visitors that are carried out with your bowel movements.

The second category of probiotics is known by many names: spore-form, spore-forming, soil based organisims (SBOs), and homeostatic soil organisms (HSOs). This category is receiving notoriety and research. Lactic acid strains and soil based organisms are vastly different. Prescript Assist is a soil based (SBO) probiotic supplement. In fact it is the only full spectrum SBO that offers 29 different strains of bacteria. 

HSO Probiotics and Soil Based Probiotics

Spore-form probiotics, also called soil based organisms (SBOs) are relatively new to the supplement scene. But they aren't new to human health. We have been co-existing and benefiting from our relationship with spore-form SBOs for millions if not billions of years.

These are primarily bacillus strains and are also called homeostatic soil organisms (HSOs). They are NOT transient bacteria species. They do stay as residents in your colon. Once there, they multiply and populate to change the bacterial environment, and consequently changing your health.

Why Use Prescript Assist Probiotics

In the Paleolithic era, humans ate dirty food. Paleo man ate dirty vegetables and plants long before the invention of triple washing, herbicides, and waxes. There was no running water to rinse vegetables. Our Paleo ancestors got their SBO probiotics as a bonus from eating vegetables from the soil. You can mimic their health by eating fresh, lightly rinsed organic vegetables and taking Prescript Assist.   

There are very few probiotic supplements that claim to have 29 different strains of probiotic bacteria. And there are even less probiotics that offer the viability and stability of the bacillus strains found in Prescript Assist. It is a full spectrum probiotic supplement that is shelf stable. You can take it while traveling, or put it on your counter to remind yourself when it is time to take it. 

Why some argue against Prescript Assist

Soil based (SBO) spore forming probiotics are bacteria, just like lactic acid strains of probiotics. Every individual has a unique bacteria colony in their intestines. Both lactic acid strains and SBOs have been medically tested over the past 30 years. I often hear the argument that SBOs can cause infection or overgrowth. Why yes, that is true in some cases. It is also true that lactic acid strains can overgrow and cause health problems too.  

Some argue that it is not safe or healthy for humans to consume spores from the dirt and soil. But just think about the name: soil based organisms. These are bacteria spores that come from the earth. For eons of time, humans have eaten vegetables and plant matter that have been grown in the earth. This is how humans initially came in contact with SBOs, otherwise known as homeostatic soil organisms (HSOs).  

As a human race, we have sterilized ourselves and our environment to the point of disease. We no longer have balanced internal bacterial colonies and this has contributed to and caused countless diseases. Changes and variations in the human microbiome (internal bacterial colonies) are linked to cancer, diabetes, and digestive diseases. A healthy gut is a breeding ground for many strains of bacteria. You cannot take a 1-3 strain lactic acid supplementation and expect that your health will miraculously improve. When it comes to intestinal bacteria, variety should be your highest goal. 

Prescript Assist Review

If there is a stronger, more active, or potent probiotic supplement, I haven't been introduced to it. There are other companies who offer SBOs or HSOs and spore-forming supplements, but none of the competitors have 29 different viable and inherently useful strains.

Prescript Assist is convenient and shelf stable. It doesn't include inulin, so reactionary gas and bloating is rare. It beats out competitors who only utilize 3 or 4 HSO/SBO strains.  

Dr Mehmet Oz said it best: "Spore form probiotics are the Chuck Norris of probiotics: total tough guys. They have to be to survive splashing around in your stomach's acid bath. Wimpier types — including live cultures in yogurt — often throw in the towel."

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