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The Evidence within Evidence Based Supplements

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on June 05, 2024

Healthy Aging, Anti-Aging – you’re likely familiar with these terms and concepts, but have you heard of Senolytic Healthy Aging? What about Zombie Cells? Good news! We’re going to dive into these concepts today, and focus on Evidence Based Supplements’ patent pending Senolytic Healthy Aging Program. Stick around to learn a bit more about the ins and outs of the incredible trio that makes up this 2-Step Senolytic Program: Senolytic Cleanse, Autophagy: Cell Maintenance, and Daily Omega-3.


First – let’s address what a senolytic is, and what it has to do with so-called ‘zombie cells’. Senolytics refers to a product that eliminates senescent cells. Senescent cells are cells that have sort of gotten tired, they stop dividing and regenerating. As a result, they don’t function properly as far as supporting the tissues that they are a part of. They don’t stop there – they also emit chemical signals that take down nearby cells, pushing them into a state of senescence. Hence the ‘zombie’ metaphor. When these senescent cells get built up, a myriad of chronic issues can occur, especially as we age and the body struggles to get rid of these cells as the immune system becomes less effective. Senolytic products eliminate those senescent cells, keeping your body young and healthy on a cellular level! Senescent cells like to leak inflammatory substances. This causes inflammation and cellular stress throughout the cell's environment. This can essentially kick start systemic aging and the development of age-related diseases and conditions. This gradual deterioration of health is incredibly detrimental and starts with those pesky zombie cells. If these cells can be managed -- either removed or repaired -- aging becomes a whole lot less scary. Evidence Based Supplements’ Senolytic Healthy Aging Program takes your body through two phases to reduce senescent cell buildup and promote natural repair and maintenance of healthy cells. 

Phase 1 : Eliminate the Zombie Cells

Repairing damaged cells is important; however, the excess senescent cells need to go first. This provides a level of relief for the body. Natural balance is restored as EB Supplements reduce the overwhelming number of repair projects. The supplement involved in this step is the Healthy Aging Senolytic Cleanse

Senolytic Cleanse

EB Supplements’ Senolytic Cleanse has undergone lab studies about the theoretical senolytic benefits of this product. More than that, Senolytic Cleanse has also been involved in 9 Human Clinical Trials that have found that the proprietary Senolytic Cleanse formula could be helpful in reducing excess senescent cells in less than 14 days! This is why Phase 1 takes place for 2 weeks – allowing the formula time to work on getting rid of those zombie cells that are aging you internally. The Senolytic Cleanse formula is made up of senolytic compounds like Quercetin and Fisetin that have shown efficacy in their own studies as well. Evidence Based Supplements brings these powerful ingredients together to maximize their benefits. This blend is currently patent-pending! 

Phase 2 : Repair the Damaged Cells

Once the Senolytic Cleanse has done its job of removing the excess senescent cells, the natural ability of your body can be bolstered and supported. Your body has a natural ability to repair and maintain healthy cells. Senescent cells can cause chronic low-grade inflammation which can really complicate the natural processes of the body. Now that balance has been restored, it is important to prevent the formation of new senescent cells and improve nutrient absorption for a proactive approach to healthy aging. This phase is made up of two supplements: Healthy Aging Autophagy: Cell Maintenance and Healthy Aging MAG-03 Daily Omega-3. This phase is ideally 4 months long before repeating the cycle with the Senolytic Cleanse.

Autophagy: Cell Maintenance

The concept of autophagy is rather complex – defending against cellular stresses like oxidative damage, nutrient scarcity, and other miscellaneous dysfunctions. There appear to be lots of moving parts and a lot that we still don’t know as far as the details of how everything works and why it works. That being said, EB Supplements has isolated one piece of this process and found success in supporting it. The Autophagy: Cell Maintenance blend supports NAD levels which play a crucial role in rejuvenating aging cells. This rejuvenation works towards the ultimate goal of maintaining optimal health. Healthy Aging Autophagy: Cell Maintenance is supported by its partner in crime, or rather, health – MAG-03 Daily Omega-3

Daily Omega-3

It’s no secret that Omega-3s are good for your health. The benefits seem rather endless. Check out this blog for a refresh on Omega-3s. Healthy Aging MAG-O3 Daily Omega-3 focuses on supporting cellular rejuvenation. Evidence Based Supplements’ Daily Omega-3 is set apart by its MAG-O3 technology. This delivers Omega-3 in a “pre-digested” form. As a monoglyceride, this Daily Omega-3 can be absorbed by the body quickly, skipping the resources needed to break it all down. This innovative formulation is patented by EB Supplements, making it, very literally, one of a kind!


We currently only have one Healthy Habits Living customer review, so give this program a try and let us know what you think! We want to hear from you!

Good quality omega-3. My favorite omega-3 from the market”

- Sebastian F.


What are senolytics? 

Senolytics or senomorphics are nutrients that decrease the number of senescent (zombie) cells in the human body. 

What is the most effective senolytic?

In a study involving 10 different flavonoids, fiseten was the most potent senolytic. Another study concluded that fisetin, curcumin and luteolin are the most potent senotherapeutic agents. 

What is the best supplement to get rid of senescent cells?

Fisetin, Apigenin, Quercetin, Curcumin and Milk Thistle are the proven senotherapeutic agents that decrease senescent (zombie) cells. 

Do senolytic supplements work?

Yes, many medical studies includuing this onehave proven that specific nutrients, mainly flavonoids, act as senolytics and cause senescent cell death. 

What supplements remove senescent cells? 

Supplements that contain natural senolytic nutrients. These supplements harness the power of plants to remove senescent/zombie cells that contribute to aging and disease states.

What are the dangers of senolytics?

In high doses, some senolytic nutrients may cause complications in diabetes and Alzheimer’s dieases. 

What is the best natural senolytic?

According to this study, the most potent senolytic nutrient is Fisetin.  It is closely followed by curcumin, luteolin and quercetin.  

Which is better quercetin or fisetin?

Fisetin has more potent senotherapeutic properties, while quercetin is better for anti-inflammatory effects. 

What supplements does Dr David Sinclair take?

In his Book Lifespan and Interviews, Dr. David Sinclair recommends several nutrients including senolytics such as fisetin and quercetin. 

Is curcumin a senolytic?

Yes, curcumin is a senolytic and a very power anti-inflammatory nutrient derived from turmeric root. 

Is berberine a senolytic?

Yes, berberine is a senolytic with the ability to signal death for zombie cells. 

Who should not take fisetin?

Fisetin may interact with blood thinners, blood pressure medications, and chemotherapy agents. 

Who should avoid quercetin?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women and people with kidney disease should check with their doctors before consuming more than 1000mg of quercetin. 

Should you take fisetin and quercetin together?

Fisetin and quercetin together create a compound positive effect and act as a powerful anti-cancer supplement. Fisetin and quercetin are the main ingredients in Evidence-Based Supplements Senolytic Cleanse.  

What is Mag 3 fish oil?

Mag-03 fish oil is a patented form of fish oil in the monoglyceride form.  This form is the most absorbable and most bioavailable form of fish oil.  It is emulsfied and pre-digested to allow for easy absorption and less time in your gastrointestinal tract.  It is more quickly absorbed and used by your cells. Studies show this form creates higher blood plasma levels of Omega 3 EPA and DHA concentrations. 

Should I take omega-3 in the morning or at night?

There is no preferred time to take Omega-3 supplements. They can be taken at any time of the day.  There is no conclusive scientific data to specify the best time to take Omega-3 supplements. You will achieve better absorption if you take your Omega-3 supplements with a meal.  I recommend taking with your morning meal for best digestion and absorption. 

Who should not take omega-3 fish oil?

If you are allergic to seafood you should avoid Omega-3 fish oil supplements.  

What happens if you take fish oil everday?

Therapeutic doses of Omega-3 supplements daily have shown myriad positive results.  Omega-3 fish oil supplements reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, support healthy blood sugar, reduce weight, improve mood, and decrease joint pain, among other positive results. 


Evidence Based Supplements is all about evidence based solutions. Solutions that are backed by science, so that you can see and feel a real difference in your overall health outcomes. You can count on innovative nutrient delivery technology and a commitment to continued learning and improvement of their supplements. Are you suffering from chronic inflammation issues, maybe some that seem tied to age or a slower immune system? Or maybe the idea of Senolytic supplements piqued your interest?  Schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC. and let’s chat!