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This Is Why Pine Pollen Is Worth It

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on November 29, 2018

What was once an ancient Chinese remedy has now evolved into a modern-day supplement trend. Pine pollen is a superfood that is derived from pine trees. It contains healing and adaptogenic properties. Although it is primarily known as a “male” supplement, women benefit from the androgenic effects as well.

What is the difference between tincture and powder?

In ancient times, pine pollen was collected and consumed as a tea. In the modern day, pine pollen is available in liquids, pills, softgels, capsules, powders, or even chewable tablets. Pine pollen is most commonly available as a powder or a tinctured extract. There is a vast difference between the two forms and how they affect your body.

The powder contains fewer androgens but more of the natural vitamins and minerals. I recommend the powder as a general superfood. A daily dose supports mood and supplies vitamins and minerals. I recommend the powder for women.  The only time I recommend the tincture form for a woman is when she has a blood test showing low testosterone levels.

The tincture contains more androgens such as testosterone and is more concentrated. The tincture is appropriate for men who want a natural and effective boost in testosterone, libido, and mood. It can also be used by women who have low testosterone and estrogen levels.

Surthrival Pine Pollen

Pine pollen comes in many forms and quality. Be wary of cheap brands from Walmart or GNC. Look for a brand that is wildcrafted and preserved in organic alcohol. When purchasing pine pollen, or any supplement, look for a company that uses cGMP facilities. This ensures that the product is free from contaminants.

You can expect high-quality pine pollen to be expensive. It must be wild harvested. In other words, it is collected and filtered by hand to make sure there aren’t any contaminants or foreign elements. But the price is worth it when you consider that you can avoid fatigue, low libido, and hormone imbalances by using pine pollen extracts.

Right at the threshold of high-quality and affordability, you have Surthrival's Pine Pollen products. All of Surthrival’s Pine Pollen supplements are wild harvested and manufactured in a cGMP facility.

There are three pine pollen formulas with differing benefits. Surthrival offers three options: Pine Pollen Gold, Pine Pollen Pure Potency, and Pine Pollen Powder.

Pine Pollen Gold

Pine Pollen Gold comes in a liquid form as a tincture. It is the broken-cell-wall pine pollen extract at a 1:1 ratio with organic grape alcohol. Surthrival Pine Pollen Pure Gold is a concentrated extract primarily used by men. I recommend 30 drops per serving. Squirt drops in your mouth and hold under your tongue for 90 seconds. This also maximizes the absorption into your bloodstream.

Here is one happy customer’s review:

I love using the Pine Pollen in the afternoon. It not only gives me a boost of energy but it's a great way to get those extra Antioxidants every day. I like to make a tea with the Pine Pollen and add the Surthrival Reishi and Chaga extracts as well. All you need is hot water and some lemon. It also goes well with green tea or a detox tea. If still too bitter add raw honey. Tastes so good and the body thanks you every time. - Daniel Sobieray

I recommend Surthrival Pine Pollen Gold for men under 40 years of age, or for adult women with low estrogen and testosterone levels.

Surthrival Pine Pollen Pure Potency

Pine Pollen Pure Potency is a blend of liquid pine pollen and an adaptogenic herb: eleuthero root. The adaptogenic herb increases energy and vitality, while the pine pollen increases testosterone levels and libido. The nettle root inhibits testosterone from aromatization. Surthrival Pine Pollen Pure Potency is also bottled in miron glass with organic grape alcohol. The dark miron glass protects the tinctures from light and the grape alcohol preserves the herbs. Pure Potency is infused with Tahitian vanilla, orange peel, and maple syrup to add flavor.   

Why is there nettle root in Surthrival Pine Pollen Pure Potency?

The pine pollen extract in Surthrival Pure Potency is a powerful hormone modulator. In some men, the breakdown of testosterone (aromatization) results in too much estrogen. This isn’t an ideal situation for men. By adding nettle root in with the pine pollen, the naturally occurring testosterone remains free. Nettle root is a natural aromatase inhibitor. It stops the process of testosterone being converted to estrogen. The nettle root in Pine Pollen Pure Potency binds with the sex hormone binding protein (SHBG) resulting in free testosterone instead of estrogen. Pine Pollen Pure Potency tincture is best used by men who are over 40 or who have high estrogen levels.

Pine Pollen Powder

Pine Pollen Powder is the purest version of the three types. It is an unadulterated wildcrafted pine pollen powder. It is a whole food with amino acids and phytosterols. It does not possess the same androgenic testosterone effects as the concentrated extracts. It is a nutritious food for men and women. The powder is meant to be mixed in juices, teas, or blended drinks. Pine pollen powder is somewhat difficult to mix in water so I recommend using a whisk or blender. It can be mixed into hot or cold drinks.

What is pine pollen?

Pine pollen is a naturally occurring nutritive adaptogenic powder that comes from pine tree species. It is a yellow powder, which can be found many miles surrounding the tree from which it originated. To obtain the pollen, a method of percolation is used. The liquid containing pollen is passed through a filter, which separates the pollen. It is then carefully dried. Usually, the pine pollen is combined with an alcohol, especially in liquid forms, to preserve the extract.

Where does it come from?

Originating in Asia, mainly China and Korea, pine pollen has been an important supplement for its nutritional value and its use in boosting longevity. This supplement dates back over 2,000 years as one of the earliest records indicates that it was used as a medicine during the Han dynasty. During this time, pine pollen has earned its name as a “Jing tonic”. This category of foods is seen as being a life force, treating weakness, stress burnouts, and sexual issues. The Chinese believed that without this “Jing,” you would lack energy and vitality.

By tradition, Asian countries dominate the pollen industry. They also consume the most pine pollen. The ancient belief that pine pollen will increase longevity is indeed true. So are the claims behind pine pollen true or just old Chinese medicine? Science has proven that pine pollen contains a multitude of nutrients and can increase longevity.   

Here are some studies proving that pine pollen can:

Who can use pine pollen?

Although pine pollen is thought to be a testosterone supplement, both women and men benefit from its phytoandrogens. The testosterone in pine pollen is free testosterone. Don’t mistake free testosterone with dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Free testosterone is utilized in both men and women; while DHT is responsible for unwanted hair growth in women (facial and body hair). Besides free testosterone, pine pollen contains over 200 nutrients including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, Folate, Vitamin D and E, and Calcium, Copper, Iron, DHEA, and sulfur compounds.

Hormone balance is an important key to vitality and longevity. Our modern environment causes excess estrogen in men and women. Excess estrogen (estrogen dominance) causes “beer belly” in men. A layer of fat at or below the belly button can be attributed to excess estrogen. Pine pollen boosts testosterone and balances estrogen levels.  Besides belly fat, other common symptoms of hormone imbalance include:

  • acne
  • weight gain
  • fatigue
  • depression
  • low sex drive
  • insomnia
When your body has balanced hormones, you benefit from energy, vitality, libido, and longevity.

Pine pollen extracts are for adults who are past the age of puberty. Because pine pollen extract is a hormone booster, it is not recommended for boys or girls going through puberty. Once puberty is over, men and women can benefit from it. However, if a woman is pregnant or nursing, it is important to talk to a doctor before taking pine pollen extract.

In his book, renowned herbalist Dr. Stephen Buhner writes:  

“Pine pollen tincture is for men in middle age or older or for those with the various kinds of disease conditions that pine pollen helps rectify. Pine pollen powder, on the other hand, can be used as a nutrient food or supplement by anyone with no restrictions other than for those with pine pollen allergy. It truly is good for all, female, male, child, adolescent, bodybuilder, or the aged. Except in unusual circumstances due to medical conditions, pine pollen tincture does not need to be used by adolescent men.”

What if I have allergies to pollen?

Yes, pine pollen is a type of pollen. It is very common to have allergies to pollen, but in fact, these two pollens are very different. Common allergens are ragweeds and grass species. Pine pollen is less likely to cause an allergic reaction due to the size of the molecules. While it is not a guarantee that those with allergies will not be allergic to pine pollen, it is less common than seasonal allergies.  

What are the benefits of pine pollen?

Besides having over 200 nutrients, pine pollen also stimulates the part of the brain that produces dopamine. With the production of more dopamine comes regulation of your mood, movement, and motivation. Many say that pine pollen has been known to improve mood and happiness in daily life. The boost of dopamine is also known to help improve both male and female orgasms, boost libido and help with fertility.

Pine pollen can also be used as a topical substance. Pine pollen contains the amino acid arginine as well as a sulfur-based MSM, which has been known to help various skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and rashes. Sulfur also helps to build up collagen and keratin, and when these compounds are combined and put into a cream or salve, it can create a great topical application.  

Pine pollen is an excellent superfood to add to any diet. Pine pollen extracts are much more concentrated and powerful. As early as the Han dynasty, pine pollen extracts gained their reputation for boosting hormones and libido. Are your hormones causing your fatigue or low libido? If you would like to add Surthrival Pine Pollen into your wellness regime, set up an appointment with me!

In health,

Carly Neubert BA, NC


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