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Thumper Massagers: All You Need To Know

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on December 18, 2019

Thumper Massager Inc. has been around since 1974 and has been consistently designing and manufacturing new massagers aimed to help their users (and horses) feel relaxed and balanced. Each product is designed and built in Canada and many are designed to be small and handheld. There are six different massagers designed and offered by Thumper today. These are the Thumper Maxi Pro, Thumper Mini Pro, Thumper Sport, Thumper Versa Pro, Thumper Equine Pro, and the Thumper Verve.

The goal of these massagers is to provide a professional therapeutic massage treatment at home. Starting in 1974, Thumper released the first patented deep muscle massager and since then, Thumper has continued to lead the massager market with drug-free pain solutions.

  • In 1995, Thumper launched the first handheld percussive massager for home use.
  • In 1999, they designed the first massager meant for the foot and lower body.
  • In 2001, Thumper came out with the first massager designed for horses.

My Thumper Messager Review

Thumper’s website is loaded with happy customer reviews and testimonials. My personal review:  I love Thumper massagers! We have 3 units and often take at least 1 when we travel. The Thumper Sport and Mini Pro are easy to use on any part of my body. I have learned to use the Thumper Sport to do a trigger point myofascial release on my gluteal muscles and IT band. This has saved me from countless hours of pain. I’m able to get pain relief that stretching does not address. Using these massagers has reduced my time in pain and enabled me to travel more often.

What Makes Thumper Massagers Unique?

Thumper’s patented technology is percussive. The motion of the massager offers comfortable pulsations that penetrate through all muscle layers. Competing massage products do not percuss, they vibrate. Thumper massagers do not vibrate.

Thumper massagers are a direct drive. The energy of the motor is felt in the head and into your muscles. Thumper massagers do not vibrate your entire body, instead, they massage the targeted area. The energy is balanced into the head so it does not vibrate the handle or kick back into your hands. Thumper’s massagers penetrate 1/4 inch deep at 28 timers per second which allows a trigger point release.  

Thumper Maxi Pro

The Thumper Maxi Pro was originally designed for and was very popular with chiropractors. The chiropractors would use the Maxi Pro to loosen the soft tissue and warm muscles prior to treatment. The Thumper Maxi Pro is known as the original deep muscle massager. This Thumper works to relieve muscle aches due to fatigue or tension.  It is best used on large muscle groups, especially the posterior chain muscles. 

The Thumper Maxi Pro comes with varying speeds and four adjustable pressure knobs. This is a quicker massage that can cover head to toe in under 10 minutes and has no additional attachments because one device can properly work all the muscles. FDA Class 1 approved, the Thumper Maxi Pro is only 7 lbs heavy and has a heavy-duty, high torque motor while still being easy to clean after use. A full-body massage takes only 8 minutes because the surface area of the Thumper Maxi Pro is so large compared to other units.

Do you love the Thumper Maxi Pro, but need to take it with you on the go?  Or do you find yourself getting tangled in the cord while using on clients, patients, and loved ones?  Thumper's newest offering is the Lithium8 cordless massager.  It has all the perks of Thumper's original Maxi Pro: it weighs about 7 pounds, has 5 speeds, and ranges from 20-30 pulses per second.  The battery lasts a full 60 minute and has an easy-release for recharging.  

Thumper Mini Pro

Thumper Mini Pro is ideal for penetrating through all fascial layers to warm up muscles and increase blood flow. While being smaller than the MaxiPro, the Mini Pro provides for an easier self-care massage. It weighs only 3 lbs and is ideal for neck, shoulders, and mid-back. With different settings on the device, the speed settings range from 20-40 hertz which allows the best results for a variety of different muscle groups.

The patented percussive technology focuses 95% of the energy deep into the fascia and muscles. The long handle allows you to control the massage instead of the device controlling your movement. Once turned on, the percussion from the Mini Pro has very little kick-back and is easy to control. While the Thumper Maxi Pro requires 2 hands to control, the Thumper Mini Pro only requires one hand to guide.

Thumper Sport

Thumper Sport is designed for those who live an active lifestyle. It only weighs 3 pounds and can be taken to the gym or even travel with you. It has a long handle which enables you to reach any part of your body. It boasts Thumper’s patented percussive technology which allows for deep muscle and tissue relief.

The Thumper Sport comes with 2 additional massage spheres so that you can customize the massage to each muscle group. It is Thumper’s most popular choice for home users and is known as the Massage with Muscle. The speed is 20-40 hertz or pulses per second.

Which one should I choose?  What are the differences?

These products are all hand made in Canada, which ensure the highest quality of each of them; and all three have the same goal of effectively working and relieving muscle pain, but each of these is meant for different uses. The Thumper Maxi Pro requires a two-hand use and is by far the heaviest out of the three. It is usually used by chiropractors or therapists whose profession is relieving muscle pain. The Maxi Pro also easily penetrates different thicknesses of your body with eight massage spheres, allowing it to be the best for a full body massage.

The Thumper Mini Pro and Thumper Sport are both lightweight and travel-sized.  The Thumper Mini Pro is the best option for home use. Whether the user is sore from activities or work, the Thumper Mini Pro is known as the “feel good massager”. This massager is also meant for those who might not get enough exercise and who need help improving circulation in their bodies. The Thumper Mini Pro is meant for the average user who needs a little more comfort in their lives.

The Thumper Sport has two heads with interchangeable massage spheres. The additional spheres give the convenience of working all muscle groups. This massager is perfect for athletes or those who need relief in all muscle groups.





Thumper Maxi Pro

7 lbs

18-35 pulses per second

8 static

Full body

Thumper Mini Pro


20-40 pulses per second

2 static

Mostly neck, shoulders, mid back

Thumper Sport

3 lbs

20-40 pulses per second

2 with interchangeable massage sphere

Full body

If it breaks, what do I do?

Thumper proudly stands behind all of their products. They offer a money-back guarantee for a 30 day period. They will replace or refund if you are not satisfied.

Thumper Massagers come with at least a 2-year warranty in case of malfunctions.

The best way to get your product fixed or replaced is by calling the Thumper Massager Inc 1-800-THUMPER (848-6737), or email at info@thumpermassager.com. Refer to the Thumper website for more detailed warranty policy.

All Thumper massagers are manufactured with care in Canada. They have an excellent reputation from chiropractors and home users alike. Their money-back guarantee is unmatched with competing products from China or the far East.

Their 2-year warranty for parts is unrivaled. Additionally, because they are located in North America, you have the option and ease of having your massager repaired and returned to you with little financial investment.

Giving back through social responsibility initiatives

Thumper Massage Inc. supports social responsibility. They support the sustainable development of the poverty-stricken areas.  Thumper supports Kuychi Runa Association of Lima, Peru, Into the World Mission, and The Roncalli Institute of Lima, Peru. The Kuychi Runa Association works to develop infrastructure to defeat poverty and provide education and support to young women and children.

Into the World Mission allows chiropractors to travel to rural towns and treat patients in need of an adjustment or relief. Not only do they provide service but they also aim to make a cultural exchange that will better the communities in the future.

The Roncalli Institute aims to help homeless children battling for their lives on the street. They provide a place to stay and education to build their moral values through a healthy environment. Thumper Massage Inc. strives to provide relief to customers and the worlds’ less fortunate.

Happy reading! If you have tried a thumper product, be sure to leave a review. 

In Health,

Carly Neubert BA, NC

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