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Vital Nutrients: What You Need to Know

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on April 13, 2022

A leader in quality assurance, Vital Nutrients has paved the way in the supplement industry for future companies to provide top-quality products to their customers. Believing in quality over quantity, Vital Nutrients has set high standards for themselves, even higher than industry averages. They are clear with their processes, open with their marketing, and dependable with their products. If you are trying to make some lifelong changes to your health, I recommend looking into Vital Nutrients. Why settle for an adequate supplement brand when your body deserves the very best?

I couldn’t mention Vital Nutrients without going into detail regarding their Quality Assurance Program. Their Quality Assurance Program is the backbone of their success. The key components of this program are:

  • Independent Lab Testing: All of their materials, from individual products to completed formulas, are tested by independent labs that follow scientifically valid methods and morally correct lab techniques.
  • Every Batch Policy: While “skip lot testing” is standard procedure in the supplement industry, Vital Nutrients goes above and beyond, testing every individual material and each completed formula. For context, “skip lot testing” is a practice that occurs when supplement manufacturers only test a specific percentage of their materials and final product for potency, authenticity, and contamination.
  • Comprehensive Specifications: Material specifications are based on thorough research of each material. Each material is analyzed on their strengths and weaknesses regarding impurities and other risks of contamination. 

According to their website, it is not only their goal to provide quality products, they guarantee it. Because each product and material is tested, they have strong claims for success and potency. Led by CEO, Thomas J. Petrarca, the Vital Nutrients team works extremely hard so that, “[their] products are prepared in accordance with the highest standards of manufacturing practice and laboratory quality assurance.” This is so that their finished products are free of environmental pollutants and possible allergens. Their products have been trusted by healthcare practitioners, hospitals, and millions of customers around the world. Their formulas can support specific health conditions or in a general lifestyle change. Similar to many of the other product lines we recommend, at Vital Nutrients, quality is more important than their profit. Vital Nutrients was recently purchased by North Castle Partners which is a private firm that invests in high quality lifestyle brands.

Magnesium (Glycinate/Malate)

Magnesium is essential for your body to function. Did you know that magnesium is responsible for over 300 enzyme functions in our bodies? If you are feeling some muscle fatigue or weakness along with overall fatigue, loss of appetite, or nausea, you may have low amounts of magnesium in your body. Foods that have high amounts of magnesium, like nuts, are important to keep in your diet along with the necessary nutritional supplements. However, a magnesium supplement is a good option to keep magnesium levels at an optimal level. Vital Nutrients has a great (and best-selling) option for magnesium. Magnesium (Glycinate/Malate) is a less aggressive form of magnesium. It is less likely to cause diarrhea if you accidentally take too much. This formula supports healthy bones and teeth, muscle tone, and overall emotional well-being. The suggested dosage is 1-2 capsules once or twice daily. (Another plus? The capsules are vegetarian-friendly!)

Dr. Carolyn Dean, an international expert in magnesium estimates that 70% of all people are deficient in magnesium. In her book, The Magnesium Miracle, she cites research showing 60 plus illnesses and diseases that are linked to magnesium. New research even demonstrates that low vitamin D levels can be caused by a magnesium depletion. The epidemic of magnesium deficiency has several causes: over farming, sugar consumption and stress. Even if you are eating your leafy greens, they don’t have as much magnesium as they once did.  Modern farming practices have stripped the elemental magnesium from much of our agricultural soil.  Additionally, every time you eat sugar, your body must use magnesium to metabolize the sugar. And finally, if you are constantly stressed, you tax your adrenal glands to create more cortisol (stress hormone).  Your adrenal glands use many minerals, including magnesium, to create your stress hormone. 

Quercetin 250mg

Although the word may seem unfamiliar, you may have had plenty of exposure to some of the foods that contain quercetin. If you’re a kale fan, you have been ingesting a healthy amount of quercetin. Quercetin is defined as a, “plant flavonol from the flavonoid group of polyphenols.” In simple terms, it is a plant chemical that is responsible for the vibrant colors in some fruits and vegetables. (Red wine and berries are other examples). While research is continuing, quercetin has been linked to anti-inflammatory and even anti-cancerous properties. Quercetin is a known natural antihistamine which is useful for seasonal allergies and histamine intolerance or MCAS. I can see quercetin becoming the new health craze (after the current collagen craze, of course). Keep your eyes peeled, I see big things in store for this flavonoid! For this formula, 1-2 capsules, 2-3 times daily is the recommended dosage. 

Vitamin C 1000mg

I just love Vitamin C. There are so many options on the market for a solid source of Vitamin C right now; I could spend hours talking about all of them. For right now, however, I’m going to focus on Vital Nutrients’s Vitamin C offering. Your immune system needs Vitamin C to stay strong and powerful (think of Popeye and his spinach). Vitamin C also promotes iron absorption and assists in tissue formation. The suggested dosage for this formula is 1-2 capsules 3-4 times daily. Curious about how much Vitamin C you need to stay healthy? Click here to read my article breaking the numbers down for how to optimize Vitamin C when you are feeling unwell. 

PMS Support - 60 Capsules

While this is not a cure for Premenstrual Cycle (PMS) related symptoms, it can definitely help. As many as 3 out of 4 women report having mild symptoms of PMS at least once in their lifetime. Vital Nutrients’s PMS Support provides healthy amounts of herbal extracts to decrease instances of cramping and keep a healthy cycle. The two main herbal extracts are Vitex and Dong Quai. Vitex works in the pituitary gland to modulate the production of luteinizing hormone (the hormone that helps signal to a woman’s reproductive system that it is time to release an egg from the ovaries). This process helps progesterone production and maintains a regular monthly cycle. The other herbal extract is Dong Quai. It relaxes your muscles in order to relieve discomforts. If you have minor to mild symptoms, but want to avoid the toxic side effects of NSAIDS and discomfort with Advil or Tylenol, I highly recommend this PMS Support option. The recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules, 1-2 times daily. Pregnant women should consult with a knowledgeable practitioner before using herbal combinations. 

Zinc (citrate) 30mg - 90 Capsules

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, listen up! Zinc is your best bet for a supplement that will work to strengthen your immune system, especially when flowers bloom in the spring and your nose gets stuffy. Zinc can also help with skin health. Wound healing and tissue formation are in zinc’s wheelhouse as well. Zinc is an essential nutrient, meaning that your body is not able to produce or store it internally. That means that including zinc in your daily supplement regimen is vital for many bodily functions. Lucky for us, this zinc supplement is easily absorbed as well. Zinc deficiency is common even in the developed world. The symptoms of zinc deficiency (loss of appetite, fatigue, hair loss, skin sores, and delayed growth in infants and children) are severe. The suggested dosage is 1 capsule, 1-2 times daily. For more information on zinc and why it is so important, check out my blog post here.

Zinc also made it on to my list for dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Vital Nutrients has the scientific prowess and intellectual capabilities to make a difference in the supplement world. The way we look at vitamins and supplements is changing, thanks to the current COVID-19 pandemic, and it is important to decide on the supplement companies that provide superior products, high potency, and reliable data to back up their claims. 

Interested in finding out more about Vital Nutrients or want to discuss your health goals for 2022? For a customized plan for the new year, schedule a consult with me, Carly Neubert BA, NC.