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Who Is Dr. Ohhira?

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on February 24, 2021

The name Dr. Ohhira has stirred up some conversation in the health and well-being community recently, with many individuals jumping on the probiotic train. Dr. Ohhira is a brand of probiotics, lifeline supplements, and even skincare that has been only increasing in popularity as of late. From the Essential Formula’s Collagen to the Original Probiotics, Ohhira offers a variety of well-balanced, clean, and nutrient-rich wellness supplements. Knowing this, you may be asking yourself: who is Dr. Ohhira and what exactly do his products offer? Well, you might just have to keep on reading to find out.

Who is Dr. Ohhira exactly?

Dr. lichiroh Ohhira, Ph.D, was a knowledgeable and distinguished research scientist and professor of microbiology. Throughout his life, he has lectured at various universities, including those in Malaysia, Korea and Japan. He has also conducted and authored multiple studies on lactic acid bacteria, which are the foundation of his supplements. Some of his primary areas of research included: 

  • Research and development of anti-allergy foods, utilizing lactic acid bacteria and other useful microorganisms.
  • Promotion of chemical-free organic farming and fruit cultivation, including prevention of continuous cropping-related problems, through the use of lactic acid bacteria and various valuable organisms.
  • Research in chemical-free golf courses, exploiting the benefits of lactic acid bacteria and other useful microorganisms.

Not only was he an award-winning breakthrough researcher, but he also understood and respected nature on an intrinsic level, using his knowledge of microbiology and bacteriology to produce supplements that both benefit the human body and are in accordance with nature’s timeline. In researching lactic acid bacteria, he was able to produce a supplement that utilized its curative effects in combination with various domestically-grown fruits and vegetables. This was the origin of Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics.

Dr. Ohhira has since been honored worldwide for his efforts. Some of his most prestigious recognitions include: 

  • several Presidential Citations from the International Medical Association
  • the first Japanese to win the “Gusi Peace Prize” in the field of Scientific Discovery (the equivalent to the “Nobel Peace Prize”)

Since his passing, Dr. Ohhira has been mentioned lovingly by the CEO and president of Essential Formulas Inc., Michael Schoor. According to him, “Dr. Ohhira was a true humanitarian who made it his life’s work to positively impact the health of millions of people, thus becoming a champion for a generation who were seeking naturally viable health alternatives.” Even more, Dr. Ohhira himself has described his essential formula as a carefully crafted product of his life’s research, stating “Each capsule is filled with our passion and hope for bringing health and long life to all 7 billion people on the earth. We make our product with not only proven scientific protocol but tender care through the power of fermentation, inspired through nature’s blessings and the mighty lactic acid bacteria.”

Are Dr. Ohhira probiotics safe? 

Being that Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics are backed extensively by research, they are considered safe. Their fermentation process is five years long and is based on both traditional and modern fermentation techniques.

Many probiotic formulas contain inulin, FOS, or other isolated prebiotic fibers.  Although these are beneficial for your microbiome, they often cause gas and bloating. In contrast, Dr. Ohhira’s Essentials Formula probiotics are made from whole foods and contain naturally occurring fiber sources. These reduce the chance of uncomfortable gas and bloating.

The recommended dosage when starting out the supplements is two capsules in the morning, as well as two in the evening for the first few days. After this, just one in the morning and one in the evening should allow you to reap the benefits. Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics are safe for children too. If a child is unable to swallow the capsule, it may be opened and the gel contents placed directly into the mouth or mixed in with food. The suggested limit for children is one capsule per day.

How would you recommend using Dr. Ohhira’s products?

Along with his award-winning probiotics, Dr. Ohhira has also created a Brazilian green propolis product and vegan Omega-3, 6, and 9 plant and seed oils. Together, these products aim to assuage many common health challenges, including promoting skin and beauty care. These natural supplements can be stored at room temperature, along with the rest of your vitamins.

Dr. Ohhira recommends taking his probiotic supplement in the morning, approximately 45 minutes before breakfast, and at night about two hours after your last meal of the day. This causes the probiotic capsule to bypass your stomach acid so that it opens once it reaches your intestinal tract. This provides maximum benefit.

Probiotics live in your intestinal tract, allowing you to properly ingest and absorb nutrients in everything that you eat, and are crucial to maintaining viable intestinal flora - a word commonly used to describe the bacteria that live in your intestines. Antibiotic medications, continual stress, chlorinated and fluoridated water, diets high in sugar and simple carbohydrates, and oral contraceptives can all lead to the disruption of the balance of your intestinal flora.

Though gut bacteria are present in some of the foods that you eat, the Western over-processing of foods has contributed to a rapid decline in the number of healthy gut bacteria you are able to ingest through food. This is where Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics come into play. 

Even more, probiotics are good for your skin too! Dr. Ohhira also offers a range of probiotic soaps and moisturizers to nourish and cleanse your skin. They are also incredible for those with sensitive skin in that they don’t contain any artificial chemicals or fragrances. You can visit our site to browse a variety of Dr. Ohhira’s products.

We all know by now that we want “good” bacteria to dominate our microbiome. These good organisms help to decrease digestive symptoms such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and GERD (acid reflux). But these good guys serve another purpose that is arguably much more important.

One of the good bacteria, Lactobacillus fermentum, ME-3, actually makes glutathione in your body. Glutathione is your body’s strongest antioxidant. It protects you from all the oxidation you encounter everyday. Whether it’s stress hormones in your body, alcohol, polluted air, caffeine, or medications, just about everything we do causes oxidation. So you can understand why you would want plenty of Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3 to make glutathione for you.

Essential ME-3 contains 8 billion live organisms of Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3 in one capsule. Some glutathione supplements are not effective. Glutathione needs protection from your stomach acid so that it can survive and be absorbed in your small intestines. When you take Essential ME-3 you are letting your body create the glutathione in your intestines where it can be easily absorbed.

Reg’activ Cardio Wellness contains the same powerful probiotic, ME-3, that supports your body in making its own glutathione. Additionally, Reg’activ harnesses the power of Pantethine (B5), CoQ10 and NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) to support a healthy heart. NAC is a potent precursor to glutathione. I recommend this for individuals with cardiac issues including Cardiometabolic syndrome.

Along with ME-3, Reg’activ Detox and Liver Health contains l-selenomethionine, l-methionine, and  N-Acetyl-cysteine. All three of these amino acids support your body in making its own glutathione. Milk thistle (silymarin) is included in this formula because it is a cholagogue---which is a substance that helps your liver to create and circulate bile. I recommend Reg’activ Detox and Liver Health for clients who take medications that harm the liver, or for those with gallbladder issues. It can also be taken as a hangover remedy when you have consumed too much alcohol.

Reg’activ Immune & Vitality combines ME-3 and vitamin D, C and B vitamins for a well-rounded support for your immune system. This formula also includes Lactobacillus brevis KP08 which has been proven to support IFN production. IFN (Interferon Alpha) allows your body to kill viruses and other invaders. I recommend this for clients who have chronic viral infections such as EBV, Herpes, Lyme co-infections, or mycoplasma infection. I also recommend it during cold and flu season when viruses are most frequent.  

Sometimes it can be a little difficult to stay healthy while maintaining busy lives. With everything each of us has to deal with on the day to day, it is very likely that your intestinal flora is the last thing on your mind. Thanks to Dr. Ohhira and both his knowledge of microbiology/bacteriology and his deep-rooted connection and appreciation of nature, maintaining a balanced and well-functioning digestive system doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Click here to read our previous blog on Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics. For a customized plan for using Dr. Ohhira's probiotics or ME-3, schedule a consultation with me.

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