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Why I love LYPO....

by Carly Neubert November 19, 2014

     No, I am not talking about liposuction.  I am talking about Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C.

     The great thing about Vitamin C is that it is water soluble....but that can also be problematic.  If you take large doses of a Vitamin C mineral ascorbate powder, anything that isn’t used quickly will be eliminated through your bowels.  But Lypo-C has been mixed with fat, so it takes the digestive system a little longer to release the actual Vitamin C molecules.  Think of the lypo-spheric as a time-released version of Vitamin C. As the fat is broken down, the Vitamin C is slowly absorbed over a longer period.  

     Although Lypo-C is more expensive than a mineral ascorbate powder, I think the extra money is worth it because of the increased absorption. 


Carly Neubert
Carly Neubert


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