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One Month Blood Sugar Management Program Program Healthy Habits Living

    One Month Blood Sugar Management Program


    Blood Sugar Management Program

    Learn how to manage Diabetes Diet, Syndrome X, Metabolic Syndrome, Hypoglycemia with diet and lifestyle.

    Recommended for at least 3 months

    Blood sugar basics per month:

    • 1 hour initial consultation
    • ½ hour weekly consultations
    • 4 weeks of meal plans
    • Food log
    • Recipes
    • Supplement recommendations and chart
    • Blood sugar readings log
    • Blood test log
    • 1 meal replacement blood sugar balancing protein shakes (Glycemic Foundations)
    • Reacted Magnesium supplement
    • High Potency toxin-free fish oil (OrthOmega)
    • 12 low glycemic snack bars (TempoBars)