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28 Day Glycemic Focus Program Default Category Numedica
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    28 Day Glycemic Focus Program



    NuMedica 28 Day Glycemic Focus Program has been discontinued. 

    Each Program Contains:
    Alpha CU - 120 Tablets 

    • 800 mg of Alpha-Lipoic Acid per serving in a controlled uptake formula
    • Featuring Plasma Concentration Technology (PCT) for highest bioavailability
    • Featuring TRAACS® Albion® Minerals

    Berberine VasoQX - 90 Capsules 

    • Support for maintaining already healthy blood glucose metabolism
    • May support AMPK activation which plays a role in healthy metabolism
    • Supports optimal vascular, immune and gastrointestinal health

    Gluco-Response™ - 60 Capsules 

    • Nutrients to support the healthy maintenance of blood sugar levels
    • May support healthy glucose and insulin metabolism
    • Featuring the highly absorbable mineral chelates, chromium and vanadium from Albion® Minerals (TRAACS®)

    Suggested Use

    See program guide.