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3A Magnesia

by Lane Labs


Product Information

The bloating‚ cramping‚ and the generally sick feelings that come from constipation can make you miserable. The longer you’re constipated‚ the worse your symptoms may become. In addition to being uncomfortable‚ it’s also not good for you: one of the ways your body eliminates toxins is through stool; if stool remains in your intestines for an excessively long period of time—as it does with constipation—your body may start to absorb those toxins.

Constipation can be caused by a low-fiber diet‚ low fluid intake‚ certain medications‚ an inactive lifestyle‚ or holding your bowel movements for long periods of time. Changing these factors may help relieve and prevent your constipation. However‚ some people are especially prone to constipation‚ and may need a little extra help to stimulate bowel movements. Stimulant laxatives can cause you to have a bowel movement‚ but they can also cause severe cramping and aren’t intended for long-term use because your body can become dependent on them.

Lane Labs’ 3A Magnesia tablets by Lane Medical provide another way. It’s a natural supplement that helps you have bowel movements and works to keep you regular. This supplement doesn’t cause severe cramping and isn’t addictive. The active ingredients in 3A Magnesia tablets are:

  • Magnesium‚ which draws water into your colon to stimulate bowel movements
  • Calcium‚ which can help relieve constipation
  • Sodium‚ which may help your body create digestive enzymes

To relieve constipation‚ take six tablets of 3A Magnesia daily with water before bed for three days; starting on the fourth day‚ reduce your dosage by one tablet a day (so that you’re taking five tablets on day four‚ four tablets on day five‚ etc.) until you no longer feel constipated. Ask your doctor before taking 3A Magnesia if you’re pregnant or have kidney problems. Don’t give this Magnesium for constipation supplement to children unless it’s recommended by a healthcare professional.

Lane Labs is a manufacturer of unique‚ high-quality natural supplements. Its formulas are innovative and science-based. Since 1994‚ providing superior value to customers has been the role of Lane Labs.


Suggested Use

Take 6 (six) tablets with water before bed for the first 3 days. Reduce dosage by 1 (one) tablet each day‚ until you reach your personal comfort level.



Magnesium (as Magnesium Oxide) ...1152mg
Calcium (as Calcium Stearate) ...12mg
Sodium (as Sodium Croscarmellose) ...8mg

Contains - Microcrystalline cellulose‚ Menthol

Does Not Contain - Fiber Bulk‚ Herbal Irritants

GMP Certification


Statements and Warnings

See a physician first if you are pregnant‚ have kidney problems or before administering Magnesium for constipation to children. 

Vendor: Lane Labs