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Biotherapeutic Drainage™ Immune Default Category Unda
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    Biotherapeutic Drainage™ Immune Support



    Biotherapeutic Drainage Immune Support is discontinued, check out Unda #3, Unda #20, Unda #50, or Imu-gen instead!

    Unda Homeopathic Drops Formula

    Biotherapeutic Drainage™ A therapeutic approach encouraging physiological function of the emunctories. Biotherapeutic Drainage facilitates the emunctories through deep intra and extracellular elimination while respecting natural physiology.

    Immune Support* Influenza* preparation program Synergistic formulas traditionally used to support key emunctories related to digestive health (stomach, liver) – while respecting the body’s natural physiology. Ideal for year-round defense and especially before the start of cold and flu season and will help protect against influenza.*