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Brain Tincture - 2 oz.

by BioPure


BioPure Brain Tincture

BioPure Brain Tincture is a three-part formula made up of extracts from the leaves of fresh Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), water hyssop (Bacopa monnieri), and the Maidenhair tree (Ginkgo biloba). Each of these herbs has a long history of traditional use related to improvement of brain function, as well as many other benefits.


Proprietary herbal extract blend of: Organic Ginkgo leaf (Ginkgo biloba) Fresh Rosemary leaf (Rosmarium officinalis) Organic Bacopa aerial parts (Bacopa monnien)

Other ingredients: Organic Ethanol (45-55%) and Purified Water.

Suggested Use

30 drops (approx. 1mL) daily or as directed by your Health Care Practitioner.
Store in a cool, dry place after opening. Shake before each use.

More Info.

Rosemary officinalis, native to the Mediterranean region, is familiar to us primarily as a culinary herb for flavoring soups, stews, roasts, and many Greek and Italian dishes. But in addition to its pungent taste and aroma, Rosemary possesses unique phytochemicals and essential oils with beneficial properties such as anti-oxidant, diuretic, and hepatoprotective. Rosemary is included in BioPure’s Brain Tonic because it is associated with stimulating mental activity, assisting long-term memory, and anxiety. Phenolic diterpenes present in Rosemary leaves promote anti-oxidant, chelation, and mechanisms that reduce the amount of amyloid beta formation and polymerization, and exert a protective effect on the neurons of the brain.

Water hyssop (Bacopa monnieri) is a small creeping herb native to India and southeast Asia, that grows in water or wet areas. Bacopa has been used by Ayurveda medical practitioners for nearly 3000 years as a nootropic to improve memory, intellect, and the ability to concentrate, to energize the nervous system, and to reduce anxiety. Trials performed in 2008 showed significant potential for safely enhancing cognitive performance among elderly humans. In India, Bacopa is often called “Brahmi”, referring to an herb that improves the health of the brain–the ‘center of creativity’. A long list of bioactive phytochemicals has been identified in the aerial parts of Bacopa, enhancing beneficial processes such as radical-scavenging, metal chelation, improving impulse transmission between neurons, regenerating synapses, neuron repair, as well as increasing brain serotonin and serum calcium.

Ginkgo biloba grows as a tall deciduous tree. It is famous for its distinctive fan-shaped leaves and its relatively unchanged genetics throughout its 250 million years of recorded history on this earth. Perhaps Ginkgo is most well-known for its ability to enhance cognitive abilities and improve circulation. It is one of the most studied medicinal herbs, and is among the top nutritional supplements sold in the United States and Europe. Numerous phytoconstituents contribute to anti-oxidant and neuro-protective properties. Its bioactive components can inhibit platelet aggregation and encourage blood flow in the microcapillaries of the brain. For more details about Ginkgo biloba, see our stand-alone extract product.

These three extracts provide powerful potential as a brain tonic and have been proven safe, with little or no side effects, when used as directed and monitored by a healthcare practitioner. Care should be taken as other drug interactions and/or allergic reactions may be possible with any substance.

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