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Camu Supreme™ - 90 grams

Supreme Nutrition

Camu Supreme

Camu Supreme™ is packaged in a jar containing 90 grams of Myrciaria dubia. Each jar contains approximately 30 servings (3 g each). A scoop is enclosed in each jar.


A good maintenance dose is one scoop daily but for acute and chronic conditions that need higher amounts of vitamin C, bioflavinoids, and antioxidants, you can do 2-3 scoops daily or more.

Suggested Use:

For a daily dose make a smoothie that contains some juice, frozen berries, 1 scoop of Thera Supreme, 1 scoop of Wild Greens Supreme, and 1 scoop of Camu Supreme. Camu has a pleasant, yet sour taste. If you want something simple you can just mix a scoop into juice, coconut milk or some other milk, yogurt or water alone.

Camu Supreme falls into the class of superfood supplements and makes a great addition to your diet.

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