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Cognitive Care* - 60 Capsules

by Genestra

Combination of adaptogenic herbal and fruit extracts
• Helps the body respond to mental and physical stress*
• Promotes energy metabolism, physical working capacity and general mental wellness*
• Includes standardized extracts from ashwagandha, rhodiola and eleuthero root
• Provides antioxidants from Neurophenol™ grape and organic blueberry fruit blend

Cognitive Care is a unique combination of standardized rhodiola, eleuthero and ashwagandha extracts, plus Neurophenol™ – an organic blueberry and grape seed extract. By mediating neurotransmitter activity and nervous system responses, these adaptogenic herbs support cognitive function and mental performance after occasional mental and physical stress.1-2* Clinical research demonstrates that daily supplementation with 100-200 mg of rhodiola extract significantly supports mental and physical well-being during periods of stress, regulates fatigue in stressful situations, and provides antioxidant protection.3-5* Daily supplementation with eleuthero root has been shown to help the body adjust to mental, physical and metabolic stress, as well as support physical working capacity.6,7* Neurophenol™ is also included to provide polyphenols, which help promote cognitive health in adults.8,9*

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