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Core - 240 capsules


CORE is a unique essential mineral supplement containing highly bioavailable forms of elemental zinc, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, boron, and magnesium glycinate. Formulated with significant amounts of vitamin B-6, biotin, and L-Taurine, CORE addresses the multiple, interdependent body systems involved with recovering from long term stress or illnesses.

These minerals are particularly important for recovery and rejuvenation, and there may be times when your body loses minerals faster than can be replaced by diet alone.

BioPure CORE mineral supplement contains 240 capsules per bottle.

Health Benefits

- May help promote bone and teeth health

- Supports cardiovascular/circulation health

- Supports enzyme processes

- May promote energy, fitness & endurance support

- Contains minerals/trace elements

- Supports the neurological system

Mineral Intake

Proper mineral intake is needed for assisting enzyme activity, maintaining a healthy nervous system, supporting healthy blood cells, bones, teeth, and lean muscle tissue.

NOTICE: The molybdenum amount on the Core label on the bottle is incorrect. The actual amount of the Molybdenum is 100mcg.

While BioPure is on the hunt to source all ingredients NonGMO it is an ongoing and evolving process. Currently this product contains zinc cluconate granular that is genetically modified.

Suggested Use

1 Capsule daily.

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