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Dr. Wilson’s Super Immune Space Sprinkles® - 57 Grams Default Category Doctor Wilson's
Dr. Wilson’s Super Immune Space Sprinkles® - 57 Grams Default Category Doctor Wilson's
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    Dr. Wilson’s Super Immune Space Sprinkles® - 57 Grams

    Doctor Wilson's Dr. Wilson’s Super Immune Space Sprinkles®
    Formulated by Dr. James L. Wilson to help keep kids well*
    • Contains Dr. Wilson’s Nat-Stim®, the very safe, effective immune supporter*
    • Developed from a special immune-stimulating strain of lactobacillus*
    • 6 probiotics selected to support immune function in young intestinal tracts*
    • Bioavailable form of zinc, a trace mineral essential for immune function
    • Fortifies general and specific aspects of immune function*
    • Promotes and supports strong immune defense*
    • Maintains effectiveness with daily use*
    • Safe and nontoxic, with no negative side effects*
    • Naturally color-changing powder can be sprinkled on beverages or food


     Serving Size: 1 Scoop Amount/Serving
    Zinc (as gluconate)
    3 mg
    Proprietary Blend

    Lactobacillus bulgaricus cell wall fractions (including: exopolysaccharide, lipoteichoic acid, peptidoglycan, murein, N-acetyl D-glucosamine, N-acetylmuramic acid)
    15 mg
    Proprietary blend of probiotic bacteria

    Lactobacillus (L) acidophilus [10 billion CFU/gm]
    L rhamnosus [200 billion CFU/gm]
    L. salivarius [300 billion CFU/gm]
    L. plantarum [400 billion CFU/gm]
    Bifidobacterium (B) bifidum [100 billion CFU/gm]
    B. longum [100 billion CFU/gm]

    Other ingredients: fructooligosaccharides (FOS), xylitol, raw cane sugar, dried beet juice

    Suggested Use 

    Using the enclosed measuring scoop, sprinkle 1 level scoop (1/4 teaspoon) over breakfast cereal daily, or mix into any drink or food. Give daily for at least 3 months to optimize immune support.* For best results, give consistently throughout the year.* An additional scoop may be given 1-2 times a day during times when extra immune support is desired.* If flatulence occurs, temporarily decrease daily amount and then gradually build back up to desired amount.*

    More Info.

    Stress and Children's Immune Function

    Stress directly affects immune function in children just as it does in adults. Chronic or frequent stress can cause an increased tendency towards inflammation and decreased effectiveness of the deeper, adaptive aspects of immunity that defend against disease. This can leave your child more susceptible to colds, flu and other infections, as well as to the development of allergies.

    Illness, in turn, is an added stress on the body. Newborns already have general innate immune defenses, and are further protected by immune factors in their mother’s colostrum and milk that share temporary immunity to some specific pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.). However, the immune system is not fully mature until the teen years and its development requires gradual exposure to a wide variety of pathogens so that it can learn to recognize and defend against them.

    As a major site where the immune system comes into contact with these pathogens, the intestinal tract is the largest immune organ in the body and the primary location of its front-line immune defenses. Children get sick more often than adults because each time they are exposed to a new ‘bug’, their immune systems have to identify it and build an antibody defense specific to it.

    Once this defense is ready, it will deal with the invader and the immune system will remember, recognize and produce the right antibodies to this same bug in the future. The more vigorous and effective your child’s immune function, including in the intestinal tract, the quicker their immune system can build this defense and the more likely they will stay well or recover more quickly.