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ecoProbiotic - 17 fl. oz.

by Econugenics

EcoNugenics ecoProbiotic

ecoProbiotic is an organic probiotic elixir with 8 clinically-studied strains of live beneficial bacteria, 19 digestive herbs, and pre-biotic nutrients. This concentrated, fermented formula provides fast-acting, digestive, and microbiome support, in a highly bioavailable liquid form.


 Serving Size: 20 mL Amount Per Serving
Total Carbohydrates < 1 g

A synbiotic proprietary blend of live bacteria cultures: (Bifidobacterium lactis, B. longum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. casei, L. rhamnosus, L. salivarius, Lactococcus lactis, Streptococcus thermophilus) and prebiotic pectic oligosaccharide (POS) from citrus peels.  

Daily value not established

Other Ingredients: Water, organic molasses, organic sweetener (erythritol), organic blackcurrant, aronia, and blueberry juice concentrate, organic botanical digestive blend, licorice root, anise, basil, fenugreek, dill, juniper, fennel, elder, ginger, angelica, chervil, oregano, peppermint, parsley, chamomile, rosemary, sage, nettle, thyme

Suggested Use

 As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules, three times daily before meals, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Warnings: If taking diabetes medication, please consult your physician prior to taking this product.

More Info 

Broad-Spectrum Metabolic Support and Protection

Formulated by Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc, ecoMetabolic® is an innovative blend of botanical extracts, medicinal mushrooms, amino acids, and minerals that work synergistically to deliver powerful protection and support for metabolic health and glucose balance.

  • Promotes Healthy Glucose and Cholesterol Levels
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Metabolic Function
  • Helps Reduce Sugar Cravings

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