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GABAnol - 60 Capsules

Quick Response for relief of muscle pain following exercise or other physical activities.

GABA and Glycine

Both GABA and glycine act as calmatives for nerve impulses, controlling muscle contractions. Both are inhibitory neurotransmitters.

Cramp Bark Powder

Used historically for those accustomed to exercise or physical activity, cramp bark is an effective natural aids for alleviating exercise-related muscle pain.

Dong Quai Root Extract

Used for centuries in Chinese traditional health practice, dong quai functions to increase relaxation of smooth muscles. A perennial aromatic herb native to China and Japan, dong quai root is one of the most effective natural muscle relaxants, used medicinally for relief of smooth muscle tension. Cramp Bark and Dong Quai have been used by herbalists all over the world for cramps associated with menstruation.

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