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IMMUNO 5 + Sea Cucumber - 90 Capsules Vitamins & Supplements Deep Blue Health
IMMUNO 5 + Sea Cucumber - 90 Capsules Vitamins & Supplements Deep Blue Health
IMMUNO 5 + Sea Cucumber - 90 Capsules Vitamins & Supplements Deep Blue Health
IMMUNO 5 + Sea Cucumber - 90 Capsules Vitamins & Supplements Deep Blue Health

    IMMUNO 5 + Sea Cucumber - 90 Capsules



    Deep Blue Health IMMUNO 5 + Sea Cucumber

    IMMUNO 5+ contains a combination of five key ingredients to support immunity.
    The key ingredient sea cucumber is highly valued for its medicinal benefits; thought to stimulate the immune system, it is rich in nutrients to naturally improve health. This unique formula also contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium all known for their function in supporting the immune system and general well being.

    Sea Cucumber are marine invertebrates valued for their medicinal and nutritional benefits. Sea Cucumber is thought to stimulate the immune system and provide the nutrients required by the body to naturally improve connective tissue, reduce inflammation and improve health.

    Deep Blue Health sea cucumber is sourced from the sandy floors of the Pacific Ocean and is a good source of marine protein, vitamins and minerals. The secret to sea cucumber is it is rich in Chondroitin Sulphate and Triterpenoids which have multiple health benefits.

    Vitamin B6 plays a role in keeping the immune system strong, making new red blood cells, and transporting oxygen throughout the body.

    Zinc helps your immune system by aiding in the production of immune cells, like T-cells and white blood cells, that help your body fight off diseases.

    For more information, check out our blog post - Everything You Need To Know About Sea Cucumbers


    Dried Sea Cucumber Powder 100mg (Equivalent to fresh 500mg), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Equivalent Vitamin B6 – 50mg) 60.78mg, Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 200mg, d-alpha tocopherol succinate 1210IU/g (Equivalent Vitamin E – 5IU) 4.13mg, Magnesium amino acid chelate (Equivalent Magnesium- 30mg) 150mg, Zinc citrate (Equivalent Zinc – 5mg) 16.13mg, and encapsulating materials.

    Contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

    Suggested Use 

    Take one to two capsules a day as a dietary food supplement or as directed by your healthcare professional.

    More Info. 

    Q:What is a Sea Cucumber?

    A: Sea cucumbers are marine animals; they have a soft body the shape and texture of a cucumber. There are more than one thousand species of sea cucumbers, ranging in size from one inch to several feet long and inhabiting the sea floor worldwide, especially in the Indian and the Pacific oceans.

    Q:Why is sea cucumber so nutritious?

    A: Being an invertebrate marine animal it is mainly composed of protein, it is low in fat and contains many vitamins and minerals.

    Q:What are the benefits of a Sea Cucumber supplement?

    A: Traditionally Sea Cucumber has been used as a health remedy. It contains Chondroitin Sulphate which is an important building block for cartilage and tendons. Recent studies have found that it has an anti-inflammatory effect and so may counteract some lifestyle factors (for example the typical Western diet) which tend to increase inflammation. Finally, Triterpenoids are being investigated for their potential in treating many chronic diseases.