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Metal Sweep - 30 g


MetalSweep is a formulation utilizing our MicroSilica with the addition of Acerola for vitamin C content.

MetalSweep is a formula that may help assist the body in ridding the intestinal system of harmful metals. Highly purified, insoluble silica provides a carrier base that is saturated and ‘functionalized’ with metal-binding thiol molecules that have a high affinity to form multiple bonds with target metals, making MetalSweep a detoxification formula that assists the body in ridding the intestinal system of harmful metals.

MetalSweep also contains Acerola (Malpighia emarginata), a natural fruit extract with one of the best sources of naturally occurring high Vitamin C content. Offered in a 30g jar with serving scoop.

Health Benefits

- May help fortify the link between the intestines and the immune system.

- May support the process of detoxification by binding mercury and other heavy metals in the intestines and escorts these harmful contaminants out of the body.

- Intercepts methlymercury trapped in enterohepatic circulation.

- Helps promote lowering of blood mercury levels, allowing organ and tissue bound mercury to safely drain into the blood at a natural rate.

- Helps improve the body’s natural detoxification ability by quenching the free radicals and stopping metal-catalyzed free-radical reactions.

Suggested Use

MetalSweep can be mixed with liquids to create a suspension; drink quickly to avoid settling of the particles. Serving size is 500mg – 100m of MicroSilica and 400mg of Vitamin C. Spoon included.

Servings per Container



Nano Silica proprietarily functionalized with butanedithiol 100 mg, Vitamin C (as Acerola powder) 400 mg


ALLERGY WARNING: Should not be used if a sulfur sensitivity or allergy is present.


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