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Mimosa Pudica - 112 grams Default Category BioPure
Mimosa Pudica - 112 grams Default Category BioPure

    Mimosa Pudica - 112 grams



    BioPure Mimosa Pudica 
    Mimosa pudica is a small shrub or creeping plant that is a member of the nitrogen-fixing Fabaceae family. The plant has small pink globe-shaped flowers and pinnately compound leaves. It is native to Brazil, but has become widespread throughout tropical regions and is considered an invasive weed in some areas. Mimosa pudica is best known as the “Sensitive” or “Touch-me-not” plant, for the curious characteristic of responding to touch by folding its leaves inward and drooping its stem downward. The leaves will also droop at night and when exposed to rain or excessive heat. BioPure Healing Products sells a pure powder that is entirely Mimosa pudica herb with no binders or fillers.

    Health Functions 

    • Neurological, Gastrointestinal Support
    • Urological Support
    • Skin Health Support
    • Immune Support


    100% Mimosa Pudica powder extract 10:1 (whole plant)

    Suggested Use

    One quarter of a teaspoon leveled (600mg) mixed with your preferred drink, water or yogurt (soy or dairy) twice a day or as recommended by your practitioner.

    More Info.

    Mimosa pudica has been used in traditional medicine to treat a wide variety of issues from gastrointestinal problems to gynecological and urinary complaints, toothaches and fatigue. Mimosa pudica could be useful as an active ingredient in natural, environmentally friendly insecticides. Aqueous solutions have shown an inhibitory effect on development of the larvae of intestinal roundworms.