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MSM 900 - 180 Capsules Default Category Ortho Molecular
MSM 900 - 180 Capsules Default Category Ortho Molecular

    MSM 900 - 180 Capsules



    Ortho Molecular MSM 900

    Important for the generation of connective tissues, sulfur is crucial for the production of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. MSM 900 is a high-concentration formula for comprehensive soft tissue and immune support.


    • Supports Connective Tissue Health Including Cartilage and Collagen Production
    • Supports Healthy Immune and Respiratory Function
    • Maintains Normal Inflammatory Balance
    • Maintains Healthy Skin and Hair


    Connective Tissue and Joint Health

    Several studies have examined the effects of MSM on joint and connective tissue health. A randomized study of 118 patients provided subjects with either 500 mg of glucosamine, 500 mg of MSM, both glucosamine and MSM, or placebo capsules, three times daily for 12 weeks. The researchers found that glucosamine, MSM, and the combination of the two helped to maintain connective tissue and joint health, compared to placebo.

    Skin and Hair Health

    As a source of bioavailable sulfur, MSM helps maintain disulfide bonds that keep collagen strands strong and preserves connective tissue pliancy, which is crucial for supporting healthy skin.

    Suggested Use

    1 capsule three times per day or as recommended by your health care professional.

    More Info.

    Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a naturally occurring compound that provides a high-concentration of elemental sulfur. Sulfur is a key mineral with numerous health-promoting properties, which include boosting the body’s antioxidant mechanisms, supporting detoxification pathways, and supporting immune response. Each high-concentration capsule contains 900 mg of MSM for multidimensional soft tissue and immune support.

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