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Optimal CoQ10 - 60 Capsules Default Category Seeking Health
Optimal CoQ10 - 60 Capsules Default Category Seeking Health

    Optimal CoQ10 - 60 Capsules



    Seeking Health Optimal CoQ10

    100 mg

    Optimal CoQ10 by Seeking Health provides CoQ10 as hydroQsorb®, a unique form of CoQ10 that is quickly absorbed and utilized by the body.

    Key Benefits:

    • May help support normal cellular energy production
    • May help support cardiovascular health
    • May help support cellular health and integrity
    • May help support the body's healthy free-radical defenses


    Serving Size: 1 Vegetarian Capsule
    Coenzyme Q10 (as hydroQsorb) 100 mg

    Other Ingredients: Gamma-cyclodextrin and hypromellose.

    Suggested Use

    Take 1 capsule any time of day with or without food or as directed by your healthcare provider. Avoid taking within 5 hours of bedtime as it may interfere with sleep.

    Warnings: Children and pregnant, lactating, or breastfeeding women should consult their healthcare practitioner prior for medical advice to use. Do not use if tamper seal is damaged. Consult with a healthcare professional prior to use if you are using medications, especially blood thinners, or have any health conditions of concern.

    Storage: Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place at controlled room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.

    More Info.

    CoQ10, also known as coenzyme Q10 is an important building block of cardiovascular health. It functions primarily to provide cells with ATP, the primary unit of energy needed to function. Energy as ATP is required to maintain healthy cells and tissues throughout the body. Many of the body's vital processes depend on adequate levels of coenzyme Q10 in order to deliver ATP to cells.*

    CoQ10 may also work as an antioxidant in mitochondria and lipid membranes. This ubiquitous coenzyme helps to maintain overall cellular health and assists in the regenerating process of other important antioxidants such as vitamin E. Under normal conditions, CoQ10 levels are more concentrated in the heart muscle. However, tissue levels of CoQ10 typically decline with age. As levels decline, the ability of cells to maintain adequate energy production and mitigate cell damage may also decrease. When low tissue CoQ10 levels occur, supplementation can help restore normal levels.*

    Allergy and Diet Information:

    • Optimal CoQ10 is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
    • Optimal CoQ10 is free of dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, gluten, GMOs, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and artificial preservatives.
    • Optimal CoQ10 meets or exceeds cGMP Quality Standards.