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Oregano Oil - 0.5oz


Carvacrol formula for optimal health*
• Promotes healthy microbial balance*
• Provides 25 mg of oregano oil per day
• Includes 20 mg of carvacrol per day

GENESTRA BRANDS Oregano Oil provides carvacrol, one of the primary bioactive compounds in oregano.1 In addition to its strong free radical scavenging ability, carvacrol promotes healthy microbial balance.2-4 In vitro research demonstrates that carvacrol can diffuse through bacterial lipid membranes, disrupting membrane composition and increasing membrane permeability.4,5 As a result, vital protons and large ions diffuse through the membrane, affecting bacterial survival.5 Overnight incubation of E. coli cells with carvacrol significantly decreases the production of flagella in vitro, reducing the motility of cells.6 As cells without flagella are unable to adhere to epithelial cells, this decreases their ability to invade the host.6 In a clinical trial involving 13 adults, daily supplementation with oregano oil for six weeks significantly supported healthy microbial balance.7

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