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PhosChol PPC Non GMO Sunflower Liquid Concentrate - 8 oz Default Category Nutrasal
PhosChol PPC Non GMO Sunflower Liquid Concentrate - 8 oz Default Category Nutrasal
PhosChol PPC Non GMO Sunflower Liquid Concentrate - 8 oz Default Category Nutrasal
PhosChol PPC Non GMO Sunflower Liquid Concentrate - 8 oz Default Category Nutrasal

    PhosChol PPC Non GMO Sunflower Liquid Concentrate - 8 oz



    Nutrasal PhosChol PPC Non GMO Sunflower Liquid Concentrate

    2500 mg/5 ml Pharmaceutical Grade PPC

    A Superior Cell Membrane Therapeutic

    Improve your health with PhosChol PPC. A superior cell membrane therapeutic, PPC acts primarily on cellular repair, regeneration, proliferation and metabolism, with special emphasis on vulnerable organs such as the liver and brain.

    Based on over 70 years of extensive clinical research, PPC plays a critical role in the healthy function of every cell and organelle (i.e. Mitochondria) in your body.

    PPC stands alone, but it also makes everything else you're taking work much better!

    • Critical cell membrane therapeutic
    • Supports healthy gut, liver, brain function
    • Supports healthy lipid management
    • Supports liver cell repair, restructure and regeneration.
    • Optimizes liver cell metabolic functions.
    • Restores SAMe levels and increases glutathione production.
    • Improves liver cell antioxidative response and detox.

    Get Started on a New and Better Health Journey

    Are you struggling with low energy, fatigue and chronic brain fog? Can you not get your lipids in the right balance or your detox mechanisms working properly?

    Have you tried everything and nothing seems to get you UNSTUCK?

    According to Dr. Sherry Rogers MD, "fixing the cell membrane” is the best thing you can do to get unstuck and finally over your healing plateau. In her book Detox or Die, Dr. Rogers correctly points out that because PPC is such a meaningful part of the cell membrane structure and functioning, “it is the one reason why some people will never get better...and that's because no one ever recommended it".

    PPC is the most important ingredient you can take to reach your next level of good health. PPC is a tried-and-true molecule that helps get our cells working the way they should.

    PPC is so essential to healthy cell metabolism and function that some doctors have referred to it as the "miracle molecule" and "the closest thing to the fountain of youth".

    GET UNSTUCK with PPC, it may be just what you need to restructure, repair, and regenerate every damaged cell in your body and get you started on a new and better health journey.


    Serving Size: 5 ml (One Teaspoon)
    Calories from Fat 30
    Total Fat 3 g
    Saturated Fat 0 g
    Phosphatidylcholine (As Polyenylphosphatidylcholine (PPC) from sunflower) 2500 mg

    Other Ingredients: sunflower oil, vegetable cellulose, neutral spirits, sunflower oil fatty acids, natural mixed tocopherols from sunflower, ascorbyl palmitate.

    Made in USA. cGMP Certified. Non-GMO. Gluten Free.

    Suggested Use

    As a dietary supplement, take 3/4 to 1 full teaspoon daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

    Storage: Keep tightly sealed at controlled room temperature. Use only if seal is intact.

    More Info.

    How your health with benefit with Pure PPC: 

    The health benefits of PPC are both broad and deep. Billions of doses have been administered globally since 1953 and since 1982, over 200 million doses have been administered by Doctors in the United States Alone.

    The list of positive physiological changes resulting from PPC administration is exhaustive. The areas of use and mode of actions described here only scratch the surface of all the wonderful health benefits associated with PPC administration.

    A Superior Cell Membrane Therapeutic

    Life happens on the cell membrane and purified PPC provides the building blocks essential to cellular membrane formation, restructure, repair, regeneration, proliferation and function. Like bricks in a wall, cellular membranes act as barriers to protect each cell and organelle in the human body, maintaining cellular structure, function and co-operation. Membranes are an essential building block for life as cells, tissues, organs and ultimately an organism cannot be formed without them. Without PC and cellular membranes, life as we know it would not be possible.

    PolyenylPhosphatidylcholine (PPC) clearly plays a vital role in human life. Its role is even more important when unhealthy lifestyle choices are made. Malnutrition, excess carbohydrate consumption in the form of sugar and HFCS, alcohol, drugs and prescription medications, among other external and environmental considerations lead to cell membrane damages. When cell membranes become oxidized and damaged, healthy cell metabolism and function is replaced by dysfunction. When membrane damages are present, PPC is in high demand to help form, proliferate, restructure and repair cell membranes and to improve cell membrane-dependent metabolism and cell function.

    PPC In The Brain

    PPC provides an excellent and biologically preferred source of choline that is safe and readily available for use in the body's manufacture of acetylcholine, an essential neurotransmitter. A 2 gram dose of PPC provides ~290 mg of choline which is 51% of the daily recommended intake of [550 mg] for men and 68% of [425 mg] for women.

    PPC increases cell membrane fluidity and integrity, restructures and repairs damaged neuronal cell membranes, reactivates membrane bound enzymes & receptors.

    PPC acts antioxidatively and by doing so helps to reduce neuro inflammation.

    PPC provides essential support for neurological development and improved brain function.

    PPC in The Gut

    PPC supplies the gut with readymade surfactant material to support the gastrointestinal mucosal barrier.

    PPC is an essential component of intestinal mucus and is greater than 90% of all available phospholipids.

    Orally supplemented PPC has been shown to support the formation of surfactant like particles which provide a protective hydrophobic surface on top of the hydrated mucus gel that prevents the invasion of bacteria from intestinal lumen and the corresponding inflammation.

    PPC in The Liver

    PPC preferentially supports our overworked and underappreciated liver.

    Over 200 clinical studies demonstrate the importance of PPC in supporting healthy liver function.

    In the liver PPC restructures damaged cell membranes, normalizes cellular permeability, restores SAMe, improves transmethylation, transsulfuration, increases glutathione production and supports healthy liver detox and function.

    PPC acts antioxidatively in the liver by reducing toxic free radicals and by replenishing the body's own glutathione pool.

    PPC In Mitochondria

    Mitochondria are well known as the energy-producing powerhouses of our cells. However, they cannot generate energy through the electron transport chain without healthy and intact membranes.

    The integrity of mitochondrial membranes is critical to cell function and energy metabolism.

    PPC positively effects the structure and function of mitochondria by improving membrane ultrastructure, respiration, energization and anti-apoptotic activity.

    PPC In Blood Vessels

    PPC positively influences various conditions related to the development and progression of plaque formation, such as lipoprotein alterations and free radical-induced lipid peroxidation.

    Other results include healthy cholesterol, triglyceride, and LDL to HDL cholesterol ratios.

    PPC also supports healthy blood flow properties and improvements in microcirculation. In order to be effective an active solution should act simultaneously on the blood and on the vascular walls. PPC meets this requirement.

    PPC In Skin and Aging

    Skin and other membranes change composition during the aging process, as more cholesterol and less phosphatidylcholine with polyunsaturated fatty acids are incorporated into the membranes. They frequently become more rigid, partly recognized as wrinkles.

    PPC restructures cell membranes, increases membrane flexibility, repairs cell and organelle membranes and improves cell metabolism and function.

    PPC keeps cells younger, healthier, and more active.

    PPC In Immune System

    The discovery that PPC administration leads to a series of complex mechanisms triggering Natural Killer Cell Activity and the enhancement of phagocytosis and "killing” by PMNs is significant.

    This discovery, which was confirmed in multiple clinical trials led researchers to conclude that “clearly the dramatic effect of PPC on the clinical course and outcome of both bacterial and viral infections empirically demonstrates the use and value of PPC as an effective therapeutic and prophylactic agent for bacterial, yeast protist and viral infections."

    Glutathione and Cellular Detox

    PPC increases glutathione production naturally and replenishes the body’s own Glutathione (GSH) pool.

    The probable reason is that PPC corrects the hepatic oxidative stress by restoring depleted S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe). Adequate levels of SAMe are necessary to produce enough GSH by transsulfuration.

    Glutathione is a major intracellular antioxidant and increased levels of GSH are necessary to detoxify the liver (and every cell in our body), fight against toxic radicals and reduce oxidative stress.

    Glutathione helps the body process and eliminate toxins, supports energy production, is a potent free radical scavenger, and boosts the immune system.

    S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe)

    PPC supplementation restores depleted SAMe. SAMe is a metabolically significant molecule that participates in multiple cellular reactions. It is the primary precursor for synthesis of glutathione, the major defense mechanism against oxidative stress. SAMe is particularly important in opposing the toxicity of free radical species generated by various pathogens which cause oxidative stress. SAMe improves metabolic pathways including Transmethylation, Transsulfuration, & Aminopropylation. Depleted SAMe is associated with poor liver health.

    Polyenyl Phosphatidylcholine (PPC)

    PPC is 100% purified and pharmaceutical grade phosphatidylcholine. PPC has the highest concentration of a very special and therapeutic molecule called 1,2-DLPC, which accounts for its superior results. PPC significantly improves membrane dependent cellular and organ functions.

    As a cell membrane therapeutic PPC restructures damaged cell membranes, normalizes cell permeability, improves cell metabolism, reactivates membrane bound enzymes & stimulates cell and liver cell regeneration. PPC provides your liver cells, and every cell in your body with what they need to Restructure, Repair, Reactivate and Regenerate.

    • PPC is Particularly Active and Beneficial
    • A Superior and Holistic Cell Membrane Therapeutic 
    • Supports Gut Health and Repair
    • Enhances Acetylcholine Synthesis & Neurological Processes 
    • Increases Glutathione Production in the Liver Naturally Restoring
    • Depleted SAMe (S-Adenosyl-Methionine) Levels
    • Supports Liver Cell Membrane Restructuring, Repair,
    • Regeneration and Proliferation
    • An Essential Building Block for Life and Foundational Health
    • And so much more

    Experience the Difference

    Experience the Difference PhosChol PPC can have on your health. Your body will thank you for taking PhosChol PPC.

    PhosChol PPC has been the leading healthcare practitioner brand for over 40 years, and the reason is quite simple...it's absolutely essential and foundational to good health and it works!