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Sarsaparilla, also known by its Latin name, Smilax glabra, is a tropical climbing vine that grows in South America and the Caribbean. A member of the lily family, its roots and rhizome are utilized for medicinal purposes, including possible support in promoting hormonal balance. Smilax glabra extract in a 55% organic corn alcohol solution; offered in a 2 fl oz liquid tincture.

BioPure’s herbal tinctures are each chosen for its specific health-supporting properties and strictly selected from the finest harvests. BioPure selects products grown in an environment free of fertilizers and insecticides. Our formulas are based on herbs with a proven historical track record in traditional healing therapies that have been used for centuries.
Health Functions
  • Supports microbial defense properties
  • May have anti-inflammatory capabilities
  • May aid in toxic load cleansing
Suggested Use
  • Intended for internal or external use.
Servings per Container
  • 60
  • A proprietary blend of Smilax, organic ethanol and purified water.
  • We obtain raw ingredients and materials from ethical and reliable suppliers worldwide. We use organic, gluten-free alcohol made from non-GMO corn, and we use state-of-the art USP purified water systems for all dilution involving water.

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